Content Marketing Checklist: How to Create Content That Matters

Content Marketing Checklist How to Create Content That MattersFind the best content marketing strategy for your company

After reading through countless blogs that proclaim that “Content is King,” and checking out the many impressive stats on the effectiveness of content marketing, you’ve made the decision to implement a content marketing strategy of your own. That’s a great first step – now you need to figure out what type of content you’re going to produce. The key to enacting a successful content marketing strategy is finding the best content marketing strategy for your particular company. This is no easy task – you need to carefully select information that fulfills your audience’s needs, and then present it in a format and medium that suits the products or services your company offers. If you can accomplish this, you will have achieved one of the essential steps to becoming an expert content marketer: you will have learned how to create content that matters to your audience. To aid you in your marketing efforts, Blue Interactive Agency has created an effective Content Marketing Checklist – if you can answer these questions in the affirmative, you know your content marketing strategy is ready to start bringing in your target audience!

Is your content in a format that will appeal to your audience?
To figure out the content formats that will have the greatest appeal for your audience, zero in on the areas of your website that attract the most clicks and longest page views from your target audience. Do your visitors devote the most clicks to pages with short information bites? Maybe you should focus on Twitter marketing strategies to reach your audience. Do your informational pages attract a lot of visitors? Perhaps long blog posts or downloadable e-books will form the heart of your content marketing strategy. While you will need to use more than one content marketing format, build your content marketing strategy around the formats your audience prefers.

Is your content presented in the medium that your customers will enjoy?
There is a wide variety of medium you can use to convey your content: through text, videos, audio files, slideshares, infographics, photo galleries, and more. Examine the data from your website and your customer demographics; combine it to gain the information you need to choose the right medium for your customers.  For example, younger audiences or those looking for How To tips will generally prefer videos to written articles that they have to page through.

Does your content tell a story?
Your audience isn’t interested in preachy product plugs or self-aggrandizing rants; they want engrossing stories that will captivate their interest. Instead of writing about why your services are better than your competitors’, explain a challenge you faced and what overcoming it taught you. Share life lessons you’ve learned, failures that have improved you, insights you’ve gained, and inspiring encounters that have shaped your business and personal ethos.

Does your content make use of information you already have?
You may not need to spend a lot of time of effort creating new content if you just use the information you already have. Any product or service you offer produces information and content that can be of value to others. If you are a caterer, your business may be feeding hungry guests, but you have valuable information about party planning that you can share. Think of all the information you have gained through your business and personal life, and consider how it can be used as part of your content marketing strategy.

Does your content have value for your target audience?
The single most important question to ask yourself when formulating your content marketing strategy is what value does this content have for your audience. It doesn’t matter how well-written your articles are, if they don’t provide amuse your audience, give them information they need, improve their day, or give them something of value, your content marketing strategies will not be a success. Move your focus from conveying the message you want to share, to giving your audience what they want or need.

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