Content Marketing for Business Professionals in a Hurry

Content Marketing for Business Professionals in a HurryHow to implement a content marketing strategy in 30 minutes or less

Does this sound familiar? You’re a high-powered business professional working to make your company successful. You realize that content marketing has proven to be one of the most effective ways to reach new customers, so you start a company blog and resolve to post once a week. Once you put your new content marketing strategy into effect you run into a huge problem:  it’s taking you hours to write a blog and you just don’t have that much time to spare. You’re not alone; many of Blue Interactive Agency’s clients have encountered this challenge when they begin implementing their content marketing strategy. That’s why we developed this handy guide to content marketing for business professionals. With a little practice you can implement an effective content marketing strategy in a hurry –just 30 minutes or less! Here’s how to do it….

Content Marketing in 30 minutes or less

Fast Blogging Strategy
Since consistency is the key to a successful content marketing strategy, it is vital that you post your blogs on a regular schedule. When you have time on a weekend or mid-week lull, you can work on developing longer blog ideas, but in the meantime use these tips to quickly write shorter blogs so you can stick to your blog posting schedule.

Blog Writing Tips The first step to writing blogs more quickly is to streamline your writing system. You can do this in three easy steps:

  • Outline your blog –To keep your blog concise, start with title, write subheadings, then go back and fill in the info. This will ensure you stay on track and stop you from losing focus.
  • Stop over researching – Since you’re writing about matters that are relevant to your customers, you already have all the information you need. Write your blog post before you do any extra research; if you come across any particular facts or figures you need to know, you can research those knowledge nuggets individually before you post your blog.
  • Save the editing for last – You can reduce the amount of time it takes to write each of your blogs if you can resist the urge to edit your writing as you go along. Kill the urge for perfectionism, as it only breaks your rhythm and slows you down, and edit your blog post once it is completely written.

Fast Blogging TopicsSome blogging topics you know so well they practically write themselves. Simply by learning how to run your business, you have gained an enormous amount of industry information. You will find writing on topics that leverage that information takes almost no time at all; you can easily have a complete blog post written in under 30 minutes if you write about:

  • What you know – You can quickly write blog posts leveraging information you already have. Think of the top questions you are asked –choose one to answer completely or list several with short responses. You can also educate your customers on their product choices and service options with “How to Choose” posts.
  • What you’ve learned – You already stay up to date on industry developments; use your blog to pass along information on industry news your customers need to know, such as new laws and regulations, developing legislation, and trends that will affect their business.
  • How you’ve grown – Engage readers by sharing a personal or professional failure and what you learned. You can also write about a struggle you overcame to succeed and how that experience has shaped your business strategy.
  • Listicles – These short lists give you a fun and fast way to condense your industry knowledge into quick bites of information, such as “5 Packing Tips for Long Trips.

Super- Fast Blogging Tips
When you don’t even have the time to flesh out a 30 minute blog post, you can still use these short-form “micro-blogging” gems to advance your content strategy:

  • Short journal style entry – Jot down concise musings on your business life
  • Single business tip – Pass on one essential business tip
  • Curate content – Share the best articles, infographics, and other information you encounter online

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