How to Develop a Content Strategy that Attracts Qualified Prospects

How to Develop a Content Strategy that Attracts Qualified ProspectsLearn to create targeted content that brings in the right kind of website visitors

If your content marketing strategy is bringing in lots of website traffic but only a few visitors that actually convert, it may be time to perform a content strategy overhaul. One of the challenges of content marketing is learning how to attract the right kind of website visitors – qualified prospects that are interested in purchasing your goods or services. For companies whose sole purpose in creating a website is to build brand awareness, simply attracting a large volume of website visitors is enough. If you developed your website as part of a marketing strategy to increase sales, however, you need a way to target your content so it is more effective at bringing in qualified prospects instead of random traffic. In our years as a leading Fort Lauderdale SEO company, Blue Interactive Agency has shown many local and national companies how to develop a content strategy that attracts qualified prospects. The basic process of creating a content marketing strategy that will bring in qualified prospects involves five basic steps:

  1. Create buyer personas of qualified prospects
    Buyer personas, also known as marketing personas, are fictionalized representations of your target audience. Buyer personas are created using information gathered from your actual customers – through customer surveys, analysis of your social marketing data, and mining the data from your website traffic – so they are an accurate portrayal of your target audience. By creating buyer personas of the qualified prospects you are trying to attract, you can gain valuable insights that will help you to more tightly target these key purchasers.
  2. Create targeted content
    Now that you know exactly what qualified prospects are looking for, you can create content that is precisely targeted to appeal to these consumers. You already have a wide base of content topics ready to use: all the information you gathered to create your buyer personas can serve as the basis for your targeted content marketing strategy. You can write blog posts, create white papers, and even shoot short instructional videos on topics your research revealed to be of particular interest to qualified prospects, including:

    • Answers to frequently asked questions
    • Solutions to help prospects meet their goals
    • How-to guides that explain how to overcome challenges your prospects face
    • Topics that address the pain points of current and prospective customers
  3. Precisely promote your content
    As you create your content, you need to make certain it attracts the attention of qualified prospects. Social media, when correctly used, can be a great way to get your content to the exact audience you are targeting. In addition to the standard route of promoting your content on Facebook and Twitter, seek out social platforms that match your target audience’s interests and promote your content there. Find the social sharing places that resonate with your potential prospects, such as:

    • Google+ video Hangouts
    • Linked In discussion groups and forums
    • Pinterest boards
    • YouTube dedicated channels
  4. Apply SEO strategies to your content
    In order to get your content to your desired audience, you need to been seen as an Industry Authority. One of the best ways to do that is to consistently appear at the top of search results; by applying SEO strategies to your content, you can help your website gain the top spots in searches that Google awards to the most relevant sites. As you develop a body of SEO-optimized blogs, videos, and other relevant content connected to your website, you can become users go-to source for industry information. This will help your site gain valuable links from visitors sharing your content, which will help raise your search rank and further establish you as an industry authority.
  5. Use analysis to fine tune your content marketing strategy
    There are a wide variety of free analytical tools available on the web you can use to refine your content marketing strategy. Start with Google Analytics – examine your website traffic to identify the blogs and content that generates the most interest from qualified prospects, and adjust your content creation strategies to focus on producing similar content. If a certain topic is particularly well-received as a blog, repurpose the content into a video or infographic. Mine the data provided by your social sharing platforms to assess the effectiveness of your social marketing strategies, and adjust as needed – you don’t need to waste your time on any method that is not gaining you qualified prospects that convert to actual sales.

Knowing how to create a content strategy that attracts qualified prospects is just half the battle – now you need to put your targeted content strategies into effect. If you are too busy running your business to invest the necessary time building your content marketing strategy, we can help.  Blue Interactive Agency, as the leading content marketing agency Fort Lauderdale businesses turn to for complete marketing support services, can provide you with everything you need to reach qualified prospects, from expert SEO content creation services and social media marketing services, to strategic link building and monthly SEO maintenance packages.

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