How To Use Analytics To Answer Your Marketing Questions

How To Use Analytics To Answer Your Marketing QuestionsWhere to find the info you need to plan your marketing strategies

As you chart the course of your online marketing strategies, you may start to feel as though you are drowning in a sea of questions. How many contacts are your marketing campaigns generating? Do you need to adjust your blogging strategy? Which of your marketing channels have the highest conversion rates? It’s not unusual to feel a bit overwhelmed, especially since these questions cover a variety of marketing issues that you need to answer before you can plan your next marketing move. Fortunately, all the information you need can be obtained through a good analytics program.

At Blue Interactive Agency, we see it as part of our mission as a full-service South Florida interactive marketing agency to make sure our clients have all the tools they need to manage their marketing strategies. We’ve identified the most common marketing questions companies face, and we’ll explain how to use analytics to answer your marketing questions. This easy to use guide explains how to use HubSpot’s comprehensive analytics software; Google Analytics can also provide you with much of this data, and the directions are similar enough that you should be able to follow along.

Content Marketing

The key to running effective content marketing strategies is knowledge: you need to know how all your content is performing, and you need to gain an in-depth understanding of your blogging strategy’s performance. Key information includes how many contacts your blog is generating, which blog posts are the most popular, which posts are converting the most leads, and how fast your blog subscriber list is growing. It is also important to find out which of your website content is converting the most leads.

In HubSpot, all of your key blog information can be accessed through the Blog Dashboard. You can see the total views your blog has generated in the current month, as well as the number of views your most recent blog posts have generated. Click the Published tab to view the total number of views for each of your individual blog posts. Go to the Subscriber tab to see how your subscriber list is growing on a month by month basis.

You can obtain further information on your content marketing strategies through Attribution Reports. To find out which content is converting the most leads, run a Report that segments leads by Referrer and Last Interaction. This will show you the content visitors viewed before going to a landing page and converting; adjust your content order to ensure visitors see your best performing content early in their marketing journey.

Marketing Analytics

To formulate an effective marketing strategy, you need to understand key information about your contacts, such as the number of contacts you have in each persona, how many contacts each campaign generates, and the actions each contact takes while on your website. HubSpot customers can access this information through the different sections of their Dashboard. First go to the Contacts section of your Dashboard. All the essential information on your contacts is there; you can see your all-time total contacts, the number of leads, marketing qualified leads, and customers. You can insert goal tracking into your Contacts Report graph to see if you are on target to meet your contact generation goal.

The Persona app will show you how many contacts are in each persona, and the Contact timeline allows you to examine each contact individually to examine the steps they took on their marketing journey. Taken together, this information allows you to see which content is the most effective at converting each type of customer persona, so you can better plan your upcoming content choices.  Accessing your contacts information allows you to see which of your marketing personas are the most accurate and which need to be refined; you can also see if you need to refocus your marketing strategies to reach under-converted personas.

Effective Marketing Strategies

In order to keep your marketing strategies on track and effective, you need to monitor your marketing performance. Examining all the key marketing performance metrics and tracking them on a month to month basis allows you to identify and capitalize on positive performance trends and refocus your efforts to correct any negative marketing performance trends before they damage your bottom line. Key information includes what marketing channels are generating the most contacts, which marketing channels have the highest contact to customer conversion rate, and how much revenue your marketing efforts are generating each month.

HubSpot’s Sources report will chart the performance of all your online marketing channels, so you can see which channels are generating the most contacts, and which channels have the highest conversion rates. If you use HubSpot’s Campaign App, you can also examine how each individual marketing campaign performed. This shows you where you get the best ROI for your efforts, so you can decide to concentrate your marketing efforts through your email, social, blogging, or referral strategies. If you are not a HubSpot customer, you can use tracking URLs to see where your contacts are coming from.

Monitoring the amount of revenue from your marketing efforts is easy in HubSpot. B2C companies can find this information through a Contacts Report; B2B companies should generate a Companies Report. Keep a close eye on this information and adjust your marketing efforts as needed to stay on track for your revenue generation goals.

Do you have more marketing questions? As the HubSpot Partner Fort Lauderdale companies rely on for expert marketing advice, Blue Interactive Agency is always glad to help guide businesses through the sometimes confusing world of marketing analytics. Whether you are interested in becoming a HubSpot customer or just looking for assistance with your existing marketing system, we can provide you with comprehensive marketing support services to help you achieve your marketing goals.

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