How to Write an SEO-friendly Blog Post

How to Write an SEO-friendly Blog PostLearn how to hit the search engine sweet spot with every blog

If you’re looking for a way to increase your blog’s profile and drive more traffic to your website, these SEO-friendly blog writing tips are the way to go! Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the process of making your blog post more attractive to Google and other search engines so it is ranked higher in search results. Optimizing your blogs is an essential step when you are blogging for your business, because no matter how much effort you put into your writing, if visitors can’t find and read your blogs, you might as well not be blogging at all. Our free tutorial makes learning how to write an SEO-friendly blog post easy – we highlight all the elements Google is looking for, and explain how to rewrite your blogs so they attract a flood of visitors!

Write an intriguing headline that includes your focus keyword
The headline of your blog has to serve two purposes: it needs to interest visitors so they will read further, and it needs to inform Google of the content of your blog. Brainstorm to come up with a catchy title that highlights the main point of your blog.  Don’t try to stuff your blog’s title with multiple keywords; just include your focus keyword in your title for maximum search-friendliness.  The best SEO length for headlines is between 55 and 70 characters.

Organize the content of your blog
Google rewards well-written, high quality content that features a few pertinent keywords. Don’t try to load your blog with an abundance of keywords or Google will actually penalize you with a lower search rank. According to the best SEO blogging strategies, using three or four keywords and long-tail phrases that are closely related to the content of your blog will help you hit the SEO sweet spot. Make sure your blog is well-organized, with all the critical elements that search engines look for in place, including an intro, description of services offered, and the all-important call-to-action.

Break up your content into short, easily scannable paragraphs
Optimizing your text for search is not just a matter of adding keywords;  you also need to make sure your blog is easily readable by Google and your visitors. Instead of long blocks of text, organize your blog into short paragraphs that are easy to scan.  Bulleted or numbered lists also work very well as they are extremely easy to peruse – and easy for Google to index.

Use sub-headings
To pump up your SEO power even more, you should include bolded sub-headers in your blog: one directly below your headline and one at the top of each paragraph. Your first sub header should describe your article in enticing language; the rest should introduce the content of each paragraph. These subheadings are the best place to incorporate your keywords – having your keywords in bold indicates to Google that they represent key concepts in your blog, which will raise your search ranking.

Include ALT tags on your images
Keywords are not just for text. Include ALT tags that include your keyword on your images to increase your search ranking.

Create Links
Google considers links to quality sites as one of the signs of an industry authority that deserves a higher search ranking. For the best SEO results, link to some of your earlier blog posts as well as interesting external sites that offer insights your visitors will value.

Formulate an enticing Meta description
The Meta description is what visitors see when your blog appears in search results. Only 156 characters will show, so keep length in mind as you create an intriguing, keyword-rich description that will encourage visitors to click their way to your blog.

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