Organic Search Tips: How to Build Qualified Traffic for Your Website

Organic Search Tips How to Build Qualified Traffic for Your Website4 easy steps to gaining qualified organic search traffic

When you were a new marketer, attracting organic traffic of any kind to your website was a thrill. As an experienced marketer, you now know that the volume of organic search traffic you bring to your website is not as important as the quality of that traffic. Building qualified organic search traffic for your website is more difficult than merely increasing the volume of traffic, but with a concentrated SEO marketing strategy you can build a high volume of qualified prospects that are ready to make a purchase. At Blue Interactive Agency we’re always eager to share the marketing knowledge we’ve gleaned over our many years as a leading interactive agency in South Florida. In our last blog we discussed how to use content marketing to attract qualified prospects; today we’re going to pass on some organic search tips and explain how to build qualified traffic for your website using SEO strategies. We’ve narrowed the process down to four basic steps:

Identify what qualified traffic means to your company
Before you can start developing a strategy to bring in qualified traffic, you first need to identify what qualified traffic means to your company. While a basic definition of qualified traffic is website traffic that is demonstrably on the purchase pathway, what counts as qualified traffic varies widely from company to company. The easiest way to identify your company’s version of qualified traffic is to examine your existing customers through the use of buyer personas. Once you have created buyer personas for your main purchasers, take a close look at the purchase path of each persona. As you trace their path, note the keywords and keyword phrases that moved them through each stage of the purchase journey as they searched for your products or services.

Learn how to measure your qualified organic traffic
Once you have identified what qualified traffic means to your company, it’s time to measure the amount of organic qualified traffic you are receiving. Working with a marketing agency like Blue Interactive Agency is helpful at this stage; as a Hubspot marketing partner we can use Hubspot’s marketing automation software to examine the metrics of your organic website traffic. There are two key metrics that can tell you a lot about your qualified traffic; just remember to only consider traffic from organic searches; any visitors coming in from paid or earned traffic should be discounted.

  • Visitor to Lead (VTL) Conversion Rate – Examine the number of organic website visitors that convert to leads; visitors that pass by conversion opportunities are not qualified leads.
  • Lead to Customer (LTC) Conversion Rate – Look at the percentage of leads that are converting to actual customers. If you have a low LTC rate, you will need to investigate further to determine if the cause can be traced to lack of qualified traffic or a poorly performing sales team.

Implement a solution-focused keyword strategy to build qualified organic traffic
When developing a keyword strategy to build qualified traffic for your website, you should concentrate on solution-focused keywords. Solution-focused keywords are those that indicate your visitor is seeking information about your products or services  – for example, instead of entering the keyword phrase “What is an interactive marketing agency,”  a solution-focused searcher will search for “interactive marketing agency in South Florida”. Visitors that are searching for solution-focused keywords indicate they are close to being ready to be passed onto sales.

Apply SEO strategies to optimize your website
Once you have identified the solution-based keywords your qualified traffic is searching for, it’s time to apply SEO strategies to build qualified organic traffic. Include the solution-focused keywords and keyword phrases throughout your entire website, being careful to optimize all key areas, including content, Meta Data, titles, and image data. This reaps double benefits: your optimized site will raise your position in organic search rankings, making it easier for qualified prospects to find you, and your website will do a better job of converting your qualified traffic into actual customers once they are on your site.

If you are interested in building more qualified organic traffic for your website, Blue Interactive Agency is happy to help. We can help you with all your interactive marketing needs, from organic search tips to comprehensive SEO marketing solutions that include expert keyword analysis, strategic link building,  complete SEO content creation services and more.

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