Why You Need to Build a Blogging Backlog Now

Why You Need to Build a Blogging Backlog NowHow to keep your blogging strategy on track when life throws you a curve

If you are a dedicated business owner doing all your own marketing, building a blogging backlog should be on the top of your To-Do list. It can be tempting to delay – after all, you’ve been maintaining your blogging schedule without a problem, so can’t this wait until a more convenient time? There’s a very simple reason why you need to build a blogging backlog now: unexpected, business-disrupting events can occur at any time. Imagine your content marketing strategy is in full swing and you have a growing list of invested readers following your blog posts. You are on course to have your best marketing year ever when life throws you a curve. It may be a medical problem you need to address, a jumbo-sized contract that takes all your resources to fulfill, or some other major upheaval in your life.  When this crisis occurs, you suddenly find yourself overworked, pressed for time, and unable to maintain your blogging schedule. That’s when a blogging backlog can save the day.

Why a blogging backlog is so important

Consistency is the key component of successful blogging strategies. Whether you’ve just started writing your blog or have been blogging long enough to have an established group of followers, maintaining a strict blog posting schedule is a must. Suddenly stopping your blog posts can cause you to lose any readership gains you’ve made, as disappointed visitors seek out other sources of fresh content. When you have a backlog of a few evergreen blog posts on hand, you can keep your blog content marketing strategy on track in a fraction of the time – just a few minutes to post your blogs and you’re done. Since most blogging platforms allow you to schedule posts, you can set up all your blog posts for the next few weeks at once, freeing you to concentrate on the problems at hand.

Selecting Evergreen blogging topics

In order for your blogging backlog to work, you need writing topics that are relevant at any time.  You should avoid including any information that can become dated, and eliminate any topics that are season-specific. For instance, an evergreen topic for a travel company could be “5 Packing Tips for Long Trips,” as that information is always pertinent. A blog written about the “Best Booking Apps for Hotel Travelers” wouldn’t work because the information could swiftly become inaccurate and out of date.

Building your blogging backlog

You don’t need to keep an extensive library of blogs in your backlog, just enough well-written content to cover a few weeks of posts. Depending on how frequently you post, four or five blogs may be sufficient. Partially written blogs do not count. On an average day, you may be able to flesh out the last quarter of a post in no time, but trying to write while managing a crisis is much harder. Take the time to write these blogs completely, attach a Meta description and any needed images, then put them away for a rainy day. Once you create your blogging backlog, resolve not to breach it unless a full-fledged emergency occurs. It will be tempting to use one of these blogs whenever you start to run short of time or are rushed, but resist the urge so you’re not caught short when you need your backlog the most.

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