4 Key Website Metrics HubSpot’s Marketing Grader Can Improve

4 Key Website Metrics HubSpot's Marketing Grader Can ImproveHow to use HubSpot’s Marketing Grader to become a better marketer

Would you like an easy, free tool that could make your online marketing strategies vastly more effective? Of course you would! Once you’ve invested all the time and effort getting your inbound marketing channels up and running, it would be helpful to have a tool that would check all the essential elements to determine if you have missed anything that could improve your website’s effectiveness. HubSpot’s Marketing Grader is just what you need.  Simply enter your website URL and your email address – this powerful widget will perform a full assessment of your website and online marketing strategies and give you tips on how you can improve key metrics that affect its performance. There are 4 key website metrics HubSpot’s Marketing Grader can improve: your blogging activity, SEO performance, lead generation, and mobile responsiveness. Once you’ve seen the scores grading your website’s performance, you can check your competitors’ sites to see how your efforts stack up. Is your website up to the challenge?  Let’s take a closer look at the key website metrics that HubSpot will analyze to determine your website’s score.

Blogging Activity
Your website’s blog can be a vital part of your online marketing strategies, but great content alone won’t ensure your marketing success. Your blog needs to be well-written, properly optimized, and effectively promoted in order to positively contribute to your marketing efforts. HubSpot’s marketing grader examines several key questions to help you improve the performance of your website’s blog:

  • Can visitors easily find your blog on your website?
  • How frequently do you publish your blog?
  • Is your blog RSS feed easy to find?
  • How popular is your blog on social media – is it shared and re-tweeted?
  • Do you have sharing buttons so content can be easily shared?
  • Does your blog have links to lead generating forms?

SEO Performance
Achieving a high search ranking is an essential part of online marketing success. HubSpot’s marketing grader looks at several critical SEO factors you need to gain a high search position, including Alt tags, webpage titles, and page descriptions. The grader provides key information to help you measure the success of your website’s SEO marketing strategies, including

  • Number of pages search engines have indexed
  • Number of unique page descriptions
  • Your website’s MozRank
  • Inbound links to your website
  • Social media activity

Lead Generation
While it is important to track different metrics of your site’s marketing performance, you should always keep in mind that the ultimate purpose of your website is to create qualified leads that you can turn into active customers. Your market grader report gives you information on three key lead generation metrics:

  • If you are using forms to capture leads
  • If you are using market automation to aid in lead generation
  • If you are using analytics tools to measure your marketing success

Mobile Responsiveness
Now that the majority of people access the internet using mobile devices, mobile responsiveness has become one of the key metrics determining the success of online marketing strategies. HubSpot’s marketing grader determines the success of your mobile marketing strategies by examining two critical factors:

  • Whether your website is optimized for use on mobile devices
  • How well your website appears on smartphones and tablets

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