How to Create Labor Day Emails That Really Work

How to Create Labor Day Emails That Really Work4 ways to make your holiday emails stand out from the crowd

Are you looking for a way to make your Labor Day email marketing messages more effective? As Labor Day approaches, marketers are polishing their email strategies for the holiday push. Labor Day has become one of the major marketing days of the year, with businesses of all types offering sales and discounts to maximize the buying power of the wages our nation’s workers have earned. Your customers’ inboxes are going to be flooded with promotional emails and marketing messages, leaving you with a dilemma:

How can you make your Labor Day emails stand out from the crowd?

At Blue Interactive Agency, we’ve been examining email marketing metrics to figure out how to create Labor Day emails that really work.

Our marketers have looked at click-rates, conversions, and forwarding rates. We’ve analyzed the latest Labor Day marketing trends. Quizzed customers to find out what causes them to open one email and send another straight to the discard pile.

Here’s what we discovered:

There’s no magic bullet that will guarantee your Labor Day emails are a success, but there are some strategies you can use that will make your emails much more effective.

We’ve condensed our insights into 4 easy to use Labor Day email marketing tips.

Applying these tips to your Labor Day email marketing strategies can vastly increase your opening and conversion rates. Try them all to make this year’s holiday email marketing message your biggest success so far.

#1: Craft creative Labor Day subject lines to get more clicks

It’s hard to get customers to open your email when you use the same boring promotional subject lines we’ve seen so many times before.

Instead of relying on standard Labor Day subject lines announcing your “Labor Day Super Sale,” try a less traditional approach to catch your customers’ attention:

‘Enjoy Your Labor Day Picnic. Here’s 20% Off to Stock Your Cooler’

‘No Labor Day Plans? Join Us on the Links for a 15% Discount’

‘Make Labor Day Memories with a Beachside Stay at 30% Off’

‘Score 15% more swag with our Labor Day discounts’

#2:  Tweak the preheader of your Labor Day email to raise engagement

Most mobile email viewers show the first line of your email (known as a preheader) along with your subject line. You can give your Labor Day emails a marketing boost with a catchy, informative preheader that fleshes out your promotion.

View your email on several different smartphones and tablets using a variety of mail clients to see how much of your email’s first line shows, then design a subject line and preheader that work together to deliver your marketing message.

For the biggest marketing boost, link your pre-header directly to your website or online store and include time-dependent Labor Day offers such as

‘Free Shipping All Labor Day Weekend’

‘Big Labor Day Discounts Start Today’

‘Last Day for Labor Day Savings’

#3: Double up your Labor Day emails to make your marketing strategy more than twice as effective

We’ve found the most successful Labor Day email strategies are extended campaigns that deliver at least two holiday email marketing messages.

Ideally, the first email should be sent one to two weeks before Labor Day, with the second arriving the day before the holiday. This Labor Day email marketing strategy is particularly effective for hotel owners, travel agencies, and hospitality businesses.

Early planners have your information when they’re first forming their Labor Day travel plans; customers who wait till the last minute get a timely reminder to take advantage of your promotions. Perfect way to market to your entire customer base!

#4: Include a Labor Day sale sharing function to generate more leads

A Labor Day email campaign that increase sales from your current customers is good…  one that extends your marketing reach to a new customer base is even better.

Imagine a Labor Day email marketing strategy that boosts sales from your current customers, generates sales from new customers, and presents you with a fresh set of qualified leads.

It’s easier than you may realize – just add a sale sharing function and you’re on your way.

Some of the most successful companies use this strategy, relying on their “Friends and Family Discounts” to maximize their marketing reach. All it takes is a “Share the love” button that lets recipients pass their savings on to their friends with the click of a mouse.

Try adding a sale sharing button to your Labor Day emails to see your sales increase and your marketing reach grow. Holiday email marketing magic!

If you would like some help putting these Labor Day email marketing tips to work for your company, turn to Blue Interactive Agency. We provide complete marketing support for your email marketing campaigns and other interactive marketing strategies including email list acquisition and segmentation strategies, email content creation services, dynamic landing pages, and much more.

Contact us at Blue Interactive Agency today at 954-779-2801 for help creating Labor Day email marketing strategies that increase sales and extend your marketing reach!