Should I Add White Papers to My Content Marketing Strategy?

Should I Add White Papers to My Content Marketing StrategyHow white papers can increase your online marketing success

White papers inhabit a unique niche in the world of content marketing. The one-two punch of solid, well-researched content and a direct marketing message gives white papers a persuasive power that other marketing tools simply cannot match. Consider what a white paper provides: the informative section of a white paper consists of an in-depth solution to a specific problem, providing readers with the tools to resolve the problem on their own. At the end of the white paper comes the marketing message where readers are presented with a ready-made solution to their problem. Clients can simply hire your firm or purchase your solution and their issue is resolved with no further effort on their part. What could be more appealing than that? If you’ve been asking yourself “Should I add white papers to my content marketing strategy,” we invite you to take a closer look at the many benefits that white papers bring to the table.

White papers generate leads quickly
Blogs and social media marketing are effective at generating leads, but they mainly serve as an introduction to your company and what you have to offer. Blogs and posts bring visitors to your website, where these prospective customers can begin the process of working through the sales funnel. White papers’ unique blend of solid practical information and direct marketing message can work to generate solid leads almost instantly. Since your white papers contain the exact solution to the problem your readers are facing, they act as an autonomous sales staff that starts converting visitors into customers before your actual representatives even establish direct contact.

White papers establish your reputation as an industry authority
Visitors turn to white papers to educate themselves about a specific topic or issue. When you provide them with well-written white papers that call on a wide assortment of sources and deliver accurate information, you demonstrate your depth of knowledge.  Customers view you as the go-to source for information in your field, which helps to build your brand and establish you as an authority in your industry.

White papers help you build your email list
Email newsletters are a wonderful way to build engagement with prospective and current clients, so one of the critical goals of most content marketing strategies is building a list of subscribers. This can be difficult because there are so many companies sending out marketing messages that many consumers are reluctant to give out their email address. Offer to send visitors a free white paper in exchange for signing up for a newsletter, and you’ll be able to build up a list of interested subscribers in no time.

White papers influence buyers
While recent years have seen a rise in the popularity of shorter content forms and visual aids, the marketing power of white papers remains undiminished. B2B buyers love white papers; in fact, white papers are the top content format that B2B buyers seek out when researching a purchase decision, according to a Content Preferences Survey conducted last year by Demand Gen Report. This widespread perception of white papers as a reliable information source makes them an essential part of any content marketing strategy.

White papers are a valuable part of content marketing strategies, but creating them is a time-consuming and involved process. It requires an extensive time commitment to research, write, edit, and format a professional-quality white paper. If you are unable or unwilling to spare the time from running your business, Blue Interactive Agency can help. Drawing on their meticulous research habits, excellent writing skills, and inspired graphic design talent, our experienced team of marketers will create informative, professional white papers that will build your business and form the heart of your content marketing strategies for years to come.

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