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Online Marketing StrategiesHow to design interesting email newsletters your customers will love

Designing a great email newsletter is hard work. It doesn’t matter whether you’re just starting out in public relations or if you’re a long-time online marketing pro, trying to create a winning email newsletter can be an intimidating task. Now that content marketing has proven to be so successful, many companies have decided to make an email newsletter an integral part of their online marketing strategies. Email newsletters can be powerful marketing tools – they can help you engage new leads, introduce new products and deals, and keep your company top of mind with your long-time customers.

Yes, email newsletters can accomplish all this, but only if you can get recipients to open them and click on your content.

Every email newsletter is sent off with hope and a wish for success, but the sobering truth is that most email newsletters end up being sent straight to the delete pile.

We’re bombarded with so many emails and marketing messages on a daily basis that email newsletters need to have something special in order to get noticed.

A beautiful design. A simple, easy to access interface. Calls to action that stand out.

Something that elevates an email newsletter and sets it apart from the mess of cluttered and overly promotional messages that clog our inbox every morning.

At Blue Interactive Agency, we know that when it comes to email marketing South Florida business owners need every possible advantage to help their newsletters succeed.

So we looked through the email newsletters in our queue and selected 3 email newsletters we love to open. We’ve made some notes on what makes them great, along with design tips to help you create email newsletters that will inspire and engage your customers.

Let’s take a closer look at what makes the email newsletters we love so clickable.

Litmus Newsletter#1: Litmus

Litmus’ email newsletter is instantly recognizable, thanks to its deceptively simple color block design.  You’re never overwhelmed with messages or clutter, just a few interesting, useful articles in each edition. Pithy subject descriptions make it clear what each article offers before you click.

Litmus’ CTAs are clear and easily identifiable. Each section of their newsletter includes at least one CTA, but their newsletter never looks disorganized. Litmus’ use of color and their simple flat design elements make their CTAs tastefully stand out without having to get flashy.

Since Litmus is an email testing company, we’d expect nothing less.

Nextdraft#2: Nextdraft

If you’re thinking of starting an email newsletter that’s composed of text rather than pictures, you won’t find a better example of how to do it right than Dave Pell’s Nextdraft.

Featuring a minimalist, clutter-free design, Nextdraft’s daily newsletter links you to the top 10 news stories of the day with short, easily scannable summations. Sharing functionality is built into both the header and footer.

Although stories range from the serious and disturbing to the absurd, Nextdraft is written in a warm, personal tone (with occasional snarky asides) that is eminently relatable. The combination of personable elements makes this our favorite newsletter for, well, news.

Hubspot Newsletter#3: HubSpot

Designed to deliver tips for marketing professionals, HubSpot’s weekly marketing email newsletter features intriguing summations of its marketing blogs with links to the full articles. Each segment is clearly defined, with a headline, image, and summary.

Selections usually include at least one post that‘s a little skewed from standard marketing info, and HubSpot makes sure it gets the full SEO benefit from their images with keyword-rich names and alt text.

We love to open HubSpot’s newsletter because we know we’ll find articles that deliver exactly what the subject lines and summaries promise. That’s an important design tip that some marketers miss – you should always keep readers’ expectations strictly in line with what you deliver.

If you would like some assistance designing your email newsletter, the marketers at Blue Interactive Agency are glad to help. As a leading Internet marketing agency Florida-based Blue Interactive Agency has the experience and expert design skills to help you create an effective email newsletter that will help you build an engaged customer base. We can help you with every step of developing your email marketing strategies, from developing buyer personas to segment your subscriber lists, to crafting customized landing pages and more.

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