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Web DesignHow a Responsive Website Can Improve Your SEO

Have you switched your company’s website to a responsive web design yet? If you’ve been delaying your redesign because you’re not sure the benefits will justify the expense and effort, we have some information that may provide the incentive you’ve been waiting for.

Imagine you’re working on a project and you need a quick fact check. Your desktop computer and smartphone are both within reach…. which do you turn to? If you’re like most Internet users in this country, you’re going to reach for your smartphone.

When Google announced earlier this year that more searches now occur on mobile devices than on desktop computers, it wasn’t a huge surprise. The news just confirmed what was becoming readily apparent: smartphones and tablets have become an integral part of how we relate to the Internet.

While mobile device’s domination of online searches may come as no surprise to you, what you may not have realized is how much a responsive website design can improve your SEO.

As the widespread adoption of mobile devices has changed the way we search online, Google has adjusted its search algorithm to reflect the new search parameters. If you’ve noticed a dip in your website’s search performance over the past few months, it could be a result of changes Google’s made to its SEO rules.

Since Google doesn’t share the specific details of its search algorithm with anyone, working to repair your website’s SEO performance can be a slow, involved process. You adjust keyword density, earn links from reputable sources, then watch your website’s search performance anxiously over the next few weeks to see how much of an upswing you’ve achieved.

That’s why upgrading your website to a responsive web design is such a great idea; it is a guaranteed way to raise your website’s SEO performance. The reasons why are simple:

Google loves responsive web designs

When Google added mobile-friendliness to its list of search ranking factors, it was asked which type of websites would best meet its new requirements. The response? Google actually recommends responsive web design as the best way to meet its mobile-friendly SEO requirements. You don’t have to worry about performance issues or snafus that will cause Google to downgrade your site’s SEO value; every website design element on a responsive website is optimized to perform perfectly on all types of mobile devices.

Having a single URL for mobile and desktop viewing boosts your SERP

With mobile website design, you actually have to create two websites – one for desktop viewers, another for viewers with mobile devices. You are essentially splitting your website’s SERP rank gains in half, since you have to build authority for both sites. Having to create two sites with the same content can also result in Google downgrading your site for duplicate content. With responsive web design, you have a single website that works for mobile and desktop viewing. This can give a boost to your SEO strategies, since all your links and SERP gains go to a single URL.

Responsive websites perform perfectly on every mobile device

When Google added “mobile-friendliness” to its list of search ranking factors, it specified that websites would need to meet certain criteria. Navigation buttons must be easily accessible with thumbs, screens need to be viewable without having to scroll left to right, fonts must be readable without having to resize, etc. Responsive websites automatically adjust to whatever device they are viewed with, and they are always in line with Google’s new mobile-friendly SEO standards. This ensures your website gets the highest SEO value possible.

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