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Website Design6 Tips to Create an Effective Website Homepage Design That Will Increase Conversion

Is your homepage in desperate need of a design overhaul? If your homepage isn’t generating the conversion rate it used to, or if it’s never effectively driven conversions, it may be time to reevaluate your website design. Your homepage is the first place visitors land when coming to your website. It has to make a great impression and convince customers of the value of what you have to offer, or it may also be the last page of your website that they see. The best homepages feature intuitive designs and provide customers with a solid reason to venture further. And of course, they provide ample opportunities for visitors to convert that can be easily accessed from anywhere on the page. If your homepage doesn’t deliver all that, Blue Interactive Agency is here to help. We know that when it comes to Internet marketing Fort Lauderdale business owners are always looking for that extra edge, so we’ve put together 6 tips on how to create an effective homepage design that will raise your organic website traffic and conversion rates. Try them and let us know how well they work for you.

Use a clean, uncluttered design for a great UX

The best homepages feature an uncluttered design that has a natural flow that guides your eyes from element to element. Don’t try to crowd all your information above the fold – we’re all used to scrolling now so you can space your information out to make it easier to absorb.  Try to arrange your information so that it provides an interesting, delightful user experience that has visitors wanting to scroll to the end.

Keep your website’s purpose in mind

Defining the purpose of your website will help you decide which elements to feature on your homepage. Eliminate any extraneous elements; every element, image, text, and widget on your homepage should fulfill a specific purpose.

The most important information on your homepage is your unique selling proposition (what you have to offer). Make sure your USP is clearly stated and easily understood. It will be most effective if you position it where it is instantly identifiable by visitors as soon as they land on your homepage.

Show a meaningful listing of benefits

Your homepage needs to convince visitors that they should delve further into your site. To do that, you will have to provide a list of benefits or features that have a direct value to them.

Resist the urge to exaggerate or inflate these benefits – you will be setting up a breach of trust that can seriously damage your credibility. Just state what you have to offer clearly and concisely. Think of this as the nickel tour; you’re not trying to provide an in-depth discussion of each benefit, just a fast overview.

Provide social proof

Social proof is a powerful motivator. Featuring reliable social proof on your homepage will make it vastly more effective at converting visitors.

It doesn’t matter if you have nationally-known corporations using your product or a just a testimonial from the small shop on the corner. When you show visitors that others have tried and appreciated the product or service you are offering, you increase your offering’s appeal for most customers.

Incorporate a hero shot

A well-placed hero shot (an image or video of your product or people that represent what you are selling) can boost the effectiveness of your homepage. Some companies are substituting full-screen photos in the place of hero shots; this may work well for you, depending on the product or service your company is selling.

Position an easy to access call-to-action (CTA)

Every homepage should have an easily accessible way for visitors to convert. That’s where your call-to-action comes into play. Make your CTA unmistakably recognizable, using a flat design and contrasting colors. Sticky CTAs have been shown to be the most effective way to generate leads, because they follow visitors as they scroll down your homepage and are always within clicking reach.

If you would like help redesigning your homepage or website, Blue Interactive Agency is ready to help. We can renovate your existing website or provide you with a completely fresh responsive website design and design mobile website that works flawlessly on every device. We can also provide you with all the elements you need for an effective website marketing strategy, including expert SEO blogging services, social marketing services, monthly SEO maintenance packages, and more.

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