What is HubSpot and why do we love it for marketing?

Learn what HubSpot’s marketing automation software can do for you

What is HubSpot and why do we love it for marketing?Ever wonder if there is an easier way to accomplish your inbound marketing chores? Inbound marketing channels like blogs, emails, and search engine optimization strategies can be highly effective at generating leads, but they require a bit of work to maintain. At Blue Interactive Agency, we’re always searching for ways to improve our clients’ marketing strategies to make them easier to manage and more effective.  So when we discovered HubSpot’s all-in-one marketing automation software, we just had to take a closer look… and what we found was pretty incredible. We were so impressed by the marketing benefits this innovative software solution provides that we became HubSpot partners so we could share it with our clients. So what is HubSpot and why do we love it for marketing? Read on and we’ll fill you in.

What is HubSpot?

HubSpot is an all-in-one marketing software platform that automates and simplifies inbound marketing strategies. Unlike many of the other marketing automation companies, HubSpot is not just a company of software developers, they have a large, engaged team of marketers. They understand the issues that that marketers face because they face them too. HubSpot’s marketing team has amassed an incredible body of informative blogs, white papers, and other content dealing with marketing issues. Their content is so useful and relevant that is featured in some of the most reputable publications in the country. Customers can check into The HubSpot Academy to access training videos,  project tools, and even take online courses on inbound marketing. That’s the type of company we wanted to partner with – one that is as dedicated as we are to helping our customers succeed.
Why do we love HubSpot for marketing ?

Unlike traditional outbound marketing methods like print and direct mail advertisements, inbound marketing strategies work by attracting visitors and drawing them into your website where you can convert them to active customers. HubSpot gives you a collection of tools to make your inbound marketing strategies more effective and easier to execute than ever before. Here are just a few of our favorite tools that HubSpot offers to enable prospects’ passage through the sales funnel:

Customized Landing Pages
HubSpot makes it easy to create great-looking landing pages that convert, with smart content that automatically identifies where customers are on the sales funnel and delivers personalized content that is relevant to each recipient. These useful landing pages can be used to enhance your paid ads, email marketing campaigns,  social strategies, and more.

Smart Forms
Instead of annoying prospects with forms that ask the same questions over and over, HubSpot’s smart forms remove questions once prospects have answered them, replacing them with new questions.These smart forms help you reengage  prospects while you develop a rich, in-depth customer profile as prospects move through the sales funnel.

Blogging Tools
Effective blogging is a breeze with HubSpot. Simply enter your blog and the software instantly analyzes it and gives you easy to follow recommendations to increase its SEO value.  Hubspot analyzes all the key SEO elements – keyword use and density, title length, image optimization, call-to-actions and more. It even suggests possible internal links so you can just click and be done.

Targeted Emails
Segmenting your email lists is simple with HubSpot marketing automation. You can easily create targeted email campaigns that differentiate content for customers according to personas, demographics, position in the sales funnel, and more.

Checking Results
HubSpot’s reporting tools make it easy to see exactly how effective each marketing campaign, channel, and strategy is, examining and comparing their ability to generate and convert leads. Keep track of how each individual page performs, compare your marketing strategies’ performance to your competitors’ efforts, monitor social sharing, and much more.

As a leading inbound marketing agency, Blue Interactive Agency is  dedicated to helping our clients to succeed.  Now that you have a better idea of the amazing marketing boost that HubSpot offers, it’s easy to understand why we decided to become HubSpot partners: so we could ensure our clients’ success by providing them with the most effective marketing tools available. Are you ready to take your inbound marketing strategies to the next level? Our marketers will work with you to refine your online marketing strategies and supply you with everything you need to market more effectively, from responsive websites and customized landing pages, to expert SEO strategies, smart form creation services, and more.

Contact us at Blue Interactive Agency today at 954-779-2801 to put HubSpot’s innovative marketing tools to use making your inbound marketing strategies more effective than ever before!