WordPress Blog Creation

Wordpress Blog CreationHow to Enter a Blog Post into WordPress

A quick start guide for getting your blog posted for maximum SEO

Congratulations! You’ve written your first blog – now it’s time to post it to your WordPress site and share it with the world.  WordPress was specifically designed to make blogging websites that anyone can use with ease, so it makes posting your blog a quick and easy process. WordPress also has a lot of SEO (search engine optimization) features built in. These features help your blog post to show up when users search for related terms using Google, Bing, or other Internet search engines. As part of our ongoing effort to help users get the most out of their WordPress websites, Blue Interactive Agency, has created this quick start guide to help you master how to enter a blog post into WordPress.  As a complete WordPress website company, Blue Interactive Agency can help you further build your business with WordPress SEO best practices, content marketing strategies to build your marketing reach, and much more. Let’s take the first step now and get your blog post up and ready to view!

Entering the Text of Your Blog

  • Sign into WordPress and click on the Posts button on the top left side of the Dashboard screen. Select Add New.
  • Enter your blog title into the first text box.
  • Below the title area is the Post Formatting section. This is where you type the content of your blog. There are tabs on top of the section for Visual or Text. The Text tab brings up an HTML-text editor; most users choose Visual, which uses a standard set of text formatting symbols on its Post Editor toolbar that will be familiar to users of Microsoft Word and similar text editing software. Enter your blog content.
  • Go to the right of the screen and click the Preview button to see how your blog will appear when published. Once your formatting is the way you want it, click the Save Draft

Assigning a Category to Your Blog

  • On the right side of the screen locate the Categories section. The Categories section allows you to organize your blog posts into different topics.
  • If you have no categories yet, click Add New.
  • Click the checkbox by the category you wish to choose.

Adding Links and Tags to Your Blog

  • Select the text you want to hyperlink, then click the hyperlink button in the Post Formatting toolbar (button appears immediately after text alignment buttons – looks like 2 links of a chain). Enter the URL of the hyperlink and the title you wish to appear when a visitor hovers over the link. Check if you want the link to open in a new tab, and then click the Add Link
  • Select the text you have hyperlinked and copy it, then locate the Tags section on the right side of the page (under Categories). Paste into the text box under Tags then click the Add This makes sure your selected link will be recognized as a keyword by search engines.
  • Repeat for all your links.

Adding an Image to Your Blog

  • Decide where you would like to add your image. Position your cursor there, click, and then click on the Add Media button located above the Post editor tool bar.
  • In the Upload Files tab, click Select Files Navigate to the file you wish to use and click Open.
  • In the Media Library tab, click on your image then go to the Attachment Details box on the right side of screen. For the best SEO results, use the title of your blog for the Title and the Alt Text, add a Caption if you wish, choose the Alignment you want, and Link To media file. You can also select size if you wish (usually medium works) and click Insert into post
  • Click on image; when Image Details box appears go to Advanced Options and enter blog title in Image Title Attribute text box; check Open in new window and click Update.

Adding SEO to Your Blog

  • Go to WordPress SEO by Yoast section located under Post Formatting section
  • In the General tab, add the following information:
    • Focused Keyword: your blog title
    • SEO Title: your blog title
    • Meta Description: write a short 156 character description that sums up your blog. This will show on Google Search results. You should include your title keyword in your description.

Publishing Your Blog

  • Go to Publish section at top right of screen
  • Click Preview; make sure everything is right, and then click Publish.

Now that you know how to enter a blog post into WordPress, you are on your way to becoming the next blogging sensation (or at least establishing a strong online search presence!). For more WordPress blogging tips and ideas, call on Blue Interactive Agency, the SEO company Fort Lauderdale businesses rely on to raise their search profile. We can help you refine your blogging technique or provide you with expert SEO content creation services  so you can focus on building your business.

Contact us at Blue Interactive Agency today at 954-779-2801 for more WordPress blogging tips along with expert content marketing services to build your Fort Lauderdale business!