Effective Marketing Strategies

Effective Marketing StrategiesHow to Make Your Landing Pages More Effective

Are landing page design mistakes costing you conversions? See if this sounds familiar… You’ve worked hard on your content marketing strategies and they seem to be generating a great response. Prospects are opening your email newsletters and following your blog. They’re clicking on your calls-to-action, and your marketing strategies seem to be on target to deliver a fantastic conversion rate. Everything is falling into place – until visitors get to your landing pages and fail to convert. If this is happening to your company, don’t panic. You don’t need to perform a complete overhaul of your marketing strategies; you just need to learn how to make your landing pages more effective. To help you on your way, we’ve identified the four most common landing page design mistakes, along with quick repairs that will help you create the highly effective marketing strategies you’ve been striving for. 

Landing page design mistake #1: Too many offers and side-paths

Solution: Streamline your page to lead visitors to your desired action

Your landing page is a vital part of your internet marketing strategy – it exists solely to get visitors to take a desired action. Anyone seeing your landing page has already indicated their interest in your offer by clicking the link that led them here, so why would you offer them any other options? Yet time and time again we see marketers include elements that steer visitors into performing actions other than the conversion event.

Strip your landing pages of distracting elements and extraneous offers. Make sure visitors move along your desired path by removing:

  • Website navigation bar
  • Back links
  • Extra links
  • Sign-ups for secondary offers
  • Cluttered or confusing copy

Landing page design mistake #2: Long, repetitious forms that annoy visitors 

Solution: Use short smart forms

It’s tempting to use your landing pages to get as much information as possible from visitors, but if you ask for too much, visitors will end up abandoning your forms part way through, annoyed at the inconvenience. You can get more information from your visitors once you are in contact with them; you just need to get them to open a dialogue at this point. Concentrate on getting visitors’ contact information first, so you can start them down the conversion path.

Form fatigue can set in if you request the same information over and over on several different landing pages. Partner with powerful marketing software like HubSpot to add smart forms. These innovative marketing tools adjust to each visitor’s place in the sales funnel, replacing answered questions with new queries to drive conversions.

Landing page design mistake #3: Landing pages that are difficult to read or access on smartphones and tablets

Solution: Optimize your landing pages for mobile

Pew Research Center’s 2015 study of U.S. Smartphone Usage found that 88% of smartphone owners use their phone to check their email. If your landing page is slow to load or contains form fields that are hard to access via a smartphone, you’re going to be losing a lot of potential customers that might otherwise convert. That makes landing page optimization a top priority for marketers. Make sure your landing pages features text that is clear and easily read, pictures that scale without pinching or distorting, and most importantly, a call-to-action button that users can readily select with their thumb.

Landing page design mistake #4: Call-to-action button is hard to find

Solution: Use contrasting colors and engagement-driving phrases

If your call-to-action button blends into the background, some visitors are going to miss it. Make sure visitors can easily find your call-to-action button without having to search through a busy page cluttered with text and extraneous elements. List benefits in bulleted form for an uncluttered look that naturally guides visitors to your call-to-action. Use contrasting colors to make your call-to-action button stand out, and don’t be afraid to use white space in your landing page design to focus attention on your call-to-action button and steer your visitors to conversion.

Experiment with the wording of your call-to-action to make it more appealing to visitors. Energize visitors to click with phrases that drive engagement such as “Send my free e-book!”  Phrases that restate the benefit visitors will receive are more motivating than boring or trite wording like “Click Here” or “Submit”.

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