How To Write SEO Friendly Content

How To Write SEO Friendly Content5 Tips To Write Awesome Blog Titles Google Will Love

Creating an SEO-friendly title for your blogs is just as important as creating great content. Has this happened to you? You’ve spent a lot of time working on your blog content, and your post is interesting and informative. It even has the right density of keywords, but you’re still not ranking high in searches. If this sounds familiar, your blog title may be to blame. Blog titles actually play a large role in determining the position your posts will be assigned in search results. Creating blog titles is vastly different from writing titles for any other type of media, because you have to gain Google’s attention as well as your readers. If you already know how to write SEO friendly content, however, writing high-ranking blog titles won’t be too difficult. Just follow these 5 tips and soon you’ll be able to write awesome blog titles Google (and your readers) will love!

Always Match The Title To Your Content

You should always make sure that the titles you choose accurately depict the content of your blogs. This is one of the essential SEO blog writing strategies; writing a sensational or misleading title may get you clicks, but it is a bad faith move that will get you in trouble with Google and readers alike.

Misleading titles can severely damage your SEO efforts. Since Google’s mission is to present readers with the most relevant answers to their search queries, it compares the content of your blogs against the title and keywords. If they aren’t a close match, Google lowers your search rank.

You’ll also lose credibility with your readers, who will feel cheated and tricked when they eagerly click on your post and don’t find the content they expect.

Include Your Focus Keyword

Include the focus keyword of your blog in the title to give your blog an SEO advantage that’s hard to beat. When users search for the exact keyword that’s in your title, Google raises your blog’s search rank. As an added bonus, the matching keyword or keyword phrase in your listing is bolded when it appears in search results, helping to attract reader attention.

Write for Web, Not Print

Generic, information-dense titles may work well for print headlines, but your blog needs to gain the attention of online readers, whose tastes are a little different. The more readers share your blog, the higher your SEO value will soar. Certain title conventions play well on the web, including numbered lists, how to guides, and questions. Time indicators that suggest urgency can also be effective, but use them in moderation to avoid reader-fatigue.

Watch the Title Length

Character count and the word count of your blog title are two of the factors that Google considers when setting a blog’s position in search results. Google considers 55 to 70 characters to be the optimum character count, and 6-9 words as the right headline length.  Try to hit this search engine sweet spot, but not at the cost of clarity.  

Use SEO-friendly Tools to Improve Your Blog Titles

There are a few free tools that can help you improve the SEO value of your blog titles.  We recommend them to every blog writer, whether you’re an experienced blogger or just getting started.

Google‘s Adword Keyword Planner is a great free tool that can help you find the right keyword or phrase to use for your blog titles. You can use it to discover the exact keyword or keyword phrase that is currently generating the most traffic. When you use that keyword as the focus keyword of your blog and in the title, you can gain a significant boost to the SEO value for your blog.

CoScheduler’s Blog Post Headline Analyzer checks a variety of SEO values for your blog titles, and rates the SEO value of your title. CoScheduler has really created an invaluable tool for any blogger; just put in your title and it analyzes word balance, type, length, keywords, sentiment and more. It then suggests quick fixes that will raise the SEO value of your blog title so it can gain a higher search position.

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