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Interactive Agency3 Signs You’ve Found the Right Interactive Agency

89 percent of consumers turn to the internet to help them make purchasing decisions, according to a study conducted by Fleishman-Hillard. This makes clear just how crucial interactive marketing strategies are to your company’s success. With so much riding on the effectiveness of your online marketing, finding the right interactive agency is not just important, it is absolutely essential.   So how can you tell if your interactive agency is the right firm to meet your company’s online marketing needs? You don’t have to wonder if you’ve made the right choice – there are certain features that the best interactive agencies all share. Whether you’re looking to hire a new interactive agency or reassessing a long-standing partnership, look for these three signs you’ve found the right interactive agency  – when you see them you’ll know you’ve made the right decision!


The agency incorporates their own expertise – while working to understand your vision for your company’s success.

One of the reasons you choose a particular agency is because of their marketing expertise, so they need to be able to outline a full-fledged marketing plan for your company and a solid path for its success. At the same time, you definitely have your own vision of your company’s success. Some interactive marketing agencies can be so caught up in their own marketing ideas and the direction they want to take your company that they fail to really listen to what you want to achieve.

True success can only be achieved when your marketing agency really understands your vision for your company, and is able to incorporate that vision into their plan for your marketing success.

The right agency will immerse themselves in the culture of your company, so they understand your company’s goals, its ethos, and has a clear picture of what success means to you. They will work collaboratively with you to set marketing goals and plot a path to ensure your company’s success.


The agency helps you with all your interactive marketing strategies – even the ones you are enacting on your own.

Whether because of budgetary concerns or a desire to be as hands-on as possible, you may prefer to handle at least some of your online marketing chores yourself. The right interactive marketing agency will be invested in your success and dedicated to helping you achieve all your online marketing goals, even the ones that they are not personally managing for you.

Some agencies talk a good game, making it sound like they will fulfill this supportive role only to leave you struggling on your own when the time comes. You deserve better than this.

For insights into an agency’s true dedication to their clients’ success, search through their blog posts and social media accounts. Look for an agency that advances their clients’ online marketing success with posts and retweets filled with marketing advice, tips, and helpful strategies clients can use to improve their marketing success – the best agencies will even include links to free marketing tools.


The agency sets solid goals for their marketing strategies – and provides you with tools so you can accurately gauge their success.

When you talk to some agencies about the goals of their marketing strategies, you hear a lot about “marketing reach” and “brand building” but very little about any goal that will allow you to truly measure your marketing success.

The right interactive marketing agency understands that in the real world, you need a provable way to measure the ROI of your marketing strategies. Your agency should provide you with a way to monitor the success of your marketing strategies in a very real way  – and not solely through in-house metrics.

If you’re looking for more marketing tips and advice, continue browsing our blogs and social media pages. They  are full of information, tips on strategies, and links to free tools that you may find helpful.

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