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SEO CopywritingThe Importance of Blogging (even if your readership is low)

If you’ve been writing a business blog but your readership isn’t growing as fast as you thought it would, it can be tempting to stop writing your blog. After all, the main reason you started a blog was because it was touted as an effective online marketing strategy. Don’t give up! There’s a reason starting a blog is one of the top website SEO tips that marketers offer. The importance of blogging may not be immediately apparent, but your SEO copywriting is working behind the scenes to bring many benefits to your website. As long as you keep writing interesting, relevant blogs, your readership will eventually grow.  In the meantime, take a look at some of the valuable SEO benefits that blogging is bringing to your business even now:

Blogging lets you update your website with fresh new content

Fresh content is one of the ranking factors that Google considers when assigning positions on its SERPs (search engine results pages). There’s no way your business can afford to constantly renovate your website to satisfy the new content guidelines , but if you keep the same website without adding any new content, your search rank is going to suffer.

When you add a weekly or bi-weekly blog to your website, your site constantly gets an infusion of that new, fresh content that Google is looking for. Even if readers haven’t found your blog yet, the simple fact of adding new content for Google to crawl is going to improve your website’s visibility and help to get it noticed.

Blogging keeps your website up to date with latest keywords

The keywords that customers use to search for information about your industry are certain to change over time. You may have included the most popular, trending keywords throughout your website when it was created, but news articles, industry discoveries, and changing speech patterns are going to cause customers to search for different terms.

Now that so many consumers are using voice searches on their mobile devices, Google has updated its search algorithms to reward websites that include more natural search phrasing in its keyword usage. Unless you renovate your website or add a blog, you have no way to incorporate this changed keyword standard.

Every time you publish a blog to your website, you get a chance to update your site with the latest, most popular keywords and search terms. Your website remains relevant and can hold onto the search position it has earned, even as Google makes changes to its search ranking factors.

Blogging strategies build your inbound links

Link building is one of the most effective SEO strategies for websites, but it’s one of the most difficult strategies to accomplish.  Since Google punishes websites that engage in black-hat tactics like link buying, earning natural, high-quality links has become a priority for website owners.

Blogging has been proven to build your inbound links at a phenomenal rate. In fact, HubSpot’s research revealed that companies that blog have 97% more inbound links. As Google registers your link building progress, your business establishes credibility and gains higher search ranks. Once again, your blog is raising your search rank and increasing your website’s visibility.

As you write more blogs, the traffic will come

Having the patience to wait for your blogs to catch on can be difficult, but you need to stick with it: the more you blog, the more traffic you are going to generate.

First, the more you write, the better your blogs will be. It can take a while to develop your writing style, especially if you haven’t written much since college. As you grow more familiar with the process, you’ll grow into your writing voice. Learning how to write SEO-friendly blogs can take some time as well, but you’ll get better with practice. In addition, learning SEO copywriting best practices is another great place to start.

Also, as your website library grows, your company’s authority grows. Every blog that Google indexes improves your website’s online presence and raises its visibility. This can have an enormous effect on your traffic growth; HubSpot discovered that company websites with 51 to 100 pages generated 48% more traffic than companies with less than 50 pages.

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