SEO Plan of Action

SEO Plan of Action3 SEO mistakes that are killing your website traffic

 If you caught our recent blog on SEO strategies, you’re aware that Google is continually making changes to its search algorithm to improve the quality of the results. In fact, the search engine giant enacted several significant updates in the past year alone to make its standards even tougher.  These algorithm updates were designed to help ensure that users are provided with the most relevant answers to their queries. While the results of these updates have generally been positive, they have drastically changed search engine optimization standards. Certain SEO strategies that were once touted as the best ways to make your website reach the top of search results are now penalized by Google. If your website has slipped down to a lower SERP position, you may need to enact an SEO plan of action to eliminate your use of these banned strategies. We’ve identified the top 3 SEO mistakes that website owners are making; use this list to renovate your site so it can regain the high search rank position it deserves.

SEO Mistake #1: Keyword Stuffing

 In the past, some website owners tried to include as many keywords as possible in their content. The belief was that more keywords your content contained, the more relevant your site was for that particular term.

Google now characterizes this behavior as keyword stuffing, and penalizes sites that try this tactic.

If you’ve tried this search engine optimization strategy to raise your search rank, you need to adjust your focus and concentrate on writing high-quality content instead. Once you have relevant, interesting content, add in keywords. Regulate your keyword usage so it conforms to these guidelines:

  • One keyword in your page title
  • 3 or 4 keywords in the content of your page
  • Use a mix of keywords and keyword phrases

SEO Mistake #2: Low-Quality Links

 Link building has always been one of the most important search ranking factors that Google uses. At one time, website owners were rewarded for the number of links they had without considering the quality of the links that were created. This led many website owners to engage in shady link buying and link exchange schemes, where they had a high volume of essentially useless links.

Google has since addressed the issue of link-building, most recently in its Penguin 3.0 update in 2014. and now considers the quality of links when assigning search positions. Take the time to earn links the right way, through your blog and social media marketing strategies. For the best results, vary the types of links you establish, alternating between brand links, exact-match and partial-match keyword links, phrase links, and non-descriptive links.

SEO Mistake #3: Thin Content

Users rely on Google to return the most relevant answers to queries, so the search engine carefully assesses  content to determine if it is thin or overly promotional.

At one time, websites tried to game search results by featuring multiple pages with content that was only slightly different so they could achieve high search ranks for a number of keywords and variations. This year’s Panda update helped to refine the search engine’s content standards to ensure that websites featuring poor quality writing don’t make it to the top spots in search results.

Make sure your content is original and well-researched, with information that is not duplicated on other sites throughout the web.

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