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SEO Services For Small BusinessHelp for technical SEO issues hurting your website’s search rank

Has a recent redesign turned your small business website into a search engine no-show? At Blue Interactive Agency,  we’ve seen a certain scenario play out all too frequently: a frugal small business owner is offered a low-cost website redesign by a self-trained friend or discount web firm. Eager to save money, the owner accepts… but once the redesigned website is up and running, it disappears from search engine results. Everything looks right on the website but it just doesn’t operate the way it should. If you find yourself in this position, the cause is probably technical SEO issues. You may be more familiar with on-page SEO, which addresses the optimization of the content on your webpages (keyword usage and density in your text, image optimization, etc.). Technical SEO deals with the structure and functioning of your website. If you need your website fixed in a hurry, Blue Interactive Agency offers a full range of SEO services for small business, including a free SEO audit and help for technical SEO issues hurting your website search rank. If you can spare the time and effort to solve this crisis on your own, we have some tips that may help. We’ve identified the four most common technical SEO errors below, along with free diagnostic tools that will help you find and fix your website’s SEO issues.

Technical SEO Error #1: Duplicate Content

Free Tool: Siteliner identifies duplicate pages so you can Panda-proof your website

Google’s latest Panda update was specifically designed to target sites with duplicate content, lowering the search rank of sites that demonstrate this error. There are a number of ways you can end up with duplicate content on your site, including

  • Using both a plain and secure URL (http and https)
  • Multiple directs to pages
  • Mobile and desktop versions of site
  • International sites with multiple language

Once you identify duplicate pages, use robot.txt to ensure Google only crawls the pages you want.

Technical SEO Error #2: Improper Page Directs /404 Errors / Invisible Pages

Free tool: Google Webmaster Tools shows a wide variety of website SEO errors

Incorrect page directs (404 errors) are one of the most common SEO errors that occur when you have inexperienced web designers rebuild your website.  Use Google’s Webmaster Tools to check the overall performance of your website, including redirects, 404 errors,  and more. Make sure your sitemap is error free, eliminate duplicate page titles and descriptions, and create 301 redirects to steer users to the correct pages.

Technical SEO Error #3: Slow Loading Pages

Free tool: Google’s PageSpeed Insights Tool rates your web pages’ loading speeds and offers fixes for loading slowdowns

Page load speed is a crucial element that affects the overall performance of your website. There are a number of reasons that your pages can load slowly, including unoptimized images, multiple videos and other elements, landing page redirects, and more. Your slow loading pages may be caused by your web hosting service; if so, consider switching to a faster hosting service or move up to a dedicated server.

 Technical SEO Error #4: Poor Performance on Mobile Devices

Free tool: Google’s Mobile-Friendly Testing Tool identifies website performance issues on smartphones and tablets

Google added mobile-friendliness to its list of mobile search ranking factors this year, making mobile performance one of the critical small business SEO strategies. Common SEO errors include navigation elements that work poorly on mobile, text that doesn’t re-size, and viewing ports that require side to side scrolling. If your website has a number of pages that fail to meet Google’s mobile-friendliness guidelines, consider switching to responsive web design, which automatically ensures perfect performance on every type of mobile device.

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