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WordPress Website DevelopmentWhy a WordPress Website is the Right Choice (Even if You Don’t Blog)

If you’re not planning on blogging, is a WordPress website still the right choice for your small business? Absolutely! When WordPress was created in 2003, it made blogging so easy that even computer novices could start their own with ease. More than a decade later, many business owners still view WordPress as offering value only to companies with a blog. As any WordPress website design company can tell you, nothing could be farther from the truth. WordPress is a full-scale website content management system, with a robust set of features that make it more than a match for the other website development platforms.  There are many reasons that make a WordPress website the right choice for your small business, whether you’re interested in starting a blog or not. These are just the top 5:

WordPress websites are easy and affordable to update

With most website development platforms, owners end up with a site that is so complicated to update, even the slightest changes to wording or images require the expertise of a trained webmaster. Since many web companies have standard charges for site corrections, business owners end up leaving incorrect or outdated content and images on their site until they have enough corrections to justify paying the fees.

With a WordPress website, even technologically challenged business owners can quickly and easily make adjustments to their websites. You don’t have to weigh the cost of supplying your customers with incorrect information against the expense of paying webmaster fees. Once your WordPress website is up and running, you can edit your existing webpages or even create new ones using a simple rich text editor. The changes you make go live instantly, so you can make sure the information on your site is always up to date and accurate.

 WordPress websites are search engine friendly

WordPress websites have a number of features that make them SEO-friendly from the start. Using plug-ins like Google’s XML sitemap and Yoast’s all-in-one SEO, your web designer can easily create a site that automatically generates search-friendly URLs, performs well with search engines, and is easy to crawl so it appears in search results in a fraction of the time it takes websites created on some other platforms.

WordPress websites grow with your company

Your WordPress website development team can easily customize your site using plug-ins and widgets. There is an enormous library of plug-ins available (more than 40,000!) that can add virtually any functionality you want to your website. What that means for your small business is that your website can grow and expand along with your company.

If your company is just starting out, you can opt for a no-frills, basic WordPress website for now, and have the confidence that your investment won’t be wasted. Months or years from now, any competent design firm specializing in WordPress website services can build upon that initial site, expanding its functionality without having to create an entirely new website as your needs evolve. Whether you want to start a blog, open a storefront with e-commerce capabilities, or add a hotel booking engine, an experienced WordPress website design agency can seamlessly add whatever new functions you want to your existing site.

WordPress websites play well with other systems

Internet marketing strategies are most effective when they can work together to build your business. WordPress is specifically designed to easily and seamlessly integrate with other systems so you can reap the full benefits of a comprehensive online marketing strategy.

Want to use email marketing to promote your small business? WordPress works with MailChimp, Aweber, and other email services without a hitch. Ready to add social marketing strategies to your arsenal? Your WordPress  web designer can easily link your site to your social media pages, enable social sharing, and add whatever social feeds you choose.

WordPress websites let you switch host providers

All too often, web development companies create websites that can only work on their specific hosting solution, with the provider they choose. These sites cannot be ported to a different host provider without a lot of expensive patchwork and reconstruction. This leaves small businesses locked into staying with a company whether they are receiving adequate service or not, simply because they are unwilling to incur expensive repair work or deal with the hassle of creating a new website.

WordPress websites work on almost any server. They are extremely portable, so small business owners can choose the best website host based on their needs, not on what their site demands. If your website hosting service starts experiencing loss of service issues, slow load times, suddenly raises your rates, or creates other conditions that can damage your business, you have the freedom to find hosting elsewhere.

If you’re interested in a WordPress website for your small business, consider Blue Interactive Agency. We are a full-service WordPress website development company with years of experience designing sites that actively help small businesses reach their full potential. Our creative team will work with you to design a WordPress website that will meet your current needs and budget, while forming the foundation for a larger site that will be appropriate for the industry titan your company will one day become.

Contact us at Blue Interactive Agency today at 954-406-4149 for expert WordPress website development services that will help ensure the continuing success of your small business – even if you aren’t ready to start a blog!