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Online Search MarketingHow to Tell If Search Engine Marketing Is Right for Your Company

Now that the internet has become such an integral part of consumers’ lives, online search marketing has emerged as a highly effective marketing strategy. Companies of all types are investing paid search marketing, as it works well for both B2B and B2C companies and generates proven results. In fact, search marketing was rated the most effective paid strategy for content marketing, according to Content Marketing Institute’s latest online marketing strategies report. If you haven’t engaged in paid search before, you may be wondering how to tell if search engine marketing is right for your company. If your company has any of the following marketing needs, online search marketing could be the perfect solution for you:

  1. You need to see fast results from your marketing strategies

Many online marketing strategies are long-term investments that mature over time. Social marketing strategies that build your brand recognition, for instance, take time to develop. These marketing strategies can prove to be quite valuable in the long run, but they will not necessarily generate more sales or conversions right now.

When you employ search engine marketing strategies, you reach customers at the precise moment they are searching for a product or service. Visitors are already motivated and looking for what you can provide; you don’t need to nurture these leads to bring them to the purchase point.

  1. You need to show measurable ROI for your marketing strategies

Tracking the exact path to purchase can be difficult with many marketing channels. There is a lot of overlap that makes it difficult to narrow down what part each marketing channel played in generating a particular sale or conversion. This can present a real problem for marketers, because many companies are reluctant to allocate their marketing budget to strategies without a clear and quantifiable ROI.

When you use paid search marketing strategies, you get quantifiable results. You can clearly track the effectiveness of each of your online search engine campaigns to determine a direct ROI. Determining the ROI of paid search strategies is simple: establish a dedicated landing page for each campaign, use an analytic program to track your visitors’ journey through your website, and compare the number of conversions each campaign generates to your PPC costs.

  1. You need a marketing strategy that you can tightly budget

Online search marketing is a pay-as-you-go marketing strategy. You determine how much you are willing to spend on each campaign, and when you reach your limit the campaign is done.

Cost-per-clicks are determined by the popularity of each keyword, and you can adjust your spending strategy as needed. You decide how much you wish to spend and how large a marketing push you want to make. During times when you need to spend more conservatively, you can bid on lower-priced keywords. If you want to boost sales or conversions in a major way, you can increase your spend and bid on the most popular, highest trending keywords. You have complete control of your marketing spend.

  1. You need to reach customers in highly competitive search categories

Reaching the top spots in organic search results can be difficult or even impossible for certain search terms. Companies in the hospitality and restaurant industries, for example, are competing with well-established online travel agencies that are firmly entrenched in the top search results for many related keywords.

With paid search marketing, you can reach customers even if your website is not ranking on the first page of search results.  You don’t have to wait for your website to rise through the ranks of organic search results. Google lists paid search results first, in essence letting you skip the line.

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