Custom Web Design

Custom Web DesignWhat are the benefits of custom web design?

You’re searching for the right web design agency to create your company’s site when you see the ads: “Free website templates when you host with us! Design your own website in an afternoon!” The templates look attractive, and there’s a long list of possible functionalities that you can use. Sounds too good to pass up, right? For a new small business on a tight budget, these offers of a free website design can be pretty tempting… until you notice that the most successful businesses are the ones that have custom-designed websites. So why do so many successful, budget-savvy businesses choose to spend their budget on custom web design instead of using free templates? Let’s take a look at some of the benefits that custom web design provides.

Terrific Search Performance

Google and the other search engines award the highest spots in searches to the websites that are most relevant and provide the best information to answer queries. Free templates by their very nature are designed to be industry-neutral so they can be used by anyone. While this is a great strategy for the hosting company, it doesn’t help your website’s search performance.

When a professional web design agency creates a custom web design for your company, every element on it is optimized for the best search performance. There are a lot of “behind the scenes” checklist items that a professional designer incorporates to ensure your site performs well in searches.

With a custom web design, every element on each page is designed to boost your search engine performance. Your website will feature industry-related page names, correctly optimized keywords, Meta descriptions, images, and more, and a website structure that will help Google to see it as an industry authority.

Unique Branding

Think of the most well-known, trusted companies in your industry. They all have distinctive branding, with an instantly recognizable look that is uniquely associated with their company. You simply can’t get that with a web design template. You may be able to change the color palette or add in a logo, but you won’t have any real control over the design, layout, or features. You will essentially have the same site that others have, which leads to an average, “been there, done that” ho-hum sameness that won’t inspire trust in your customers.

With a custom website design, you can create your own unique brand, with a distinctive look that differentiates your company from others in the industry. You can carry over your unique branding from your other marketing materials, creating a unified, whole company identity that will make a favorable impression with customers.


Lastly, there’s a reason hosting companies offer those free templates – they want to make sure they keep your business. Basic functionalities that are needed to make sites created with these templates work are located on the hosting company’s servers, so will not work if they are hosted elsewhere. If you decide to leave and go to a different hosting company because the one you have raises its rates, or you start experiencing denial of service errors, you won’t be able to take your website with you. You will have the hassle of creating your website over again from scratch. A professional web design agency can create a portable website for your company that has host-neutral coding so it can be hosted with whatever company you choose.

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