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Fort Lauderdale Web DesignNew Year, New Website: 5 reasons you need to update your website for 2016

Is your website ready to tackle the challenges facing it in 2016? There were some large shifts in the digital landscape over the past year, and your website may not be delivering the same exceptional user experience it once did.  Changes in technology and adjustments to the algorithms used by search engines can create website performance issues and vulnerabilities that could cost you customers in 2016. The best solution is to have an experienced For Lauderdale web design agency do a page by page review of your website to ensure all elements are up to date with the latest digital standards. You can start by checking if there are any glaring problems you need to address immediately using Hubspot’s free website grader. Enter your website to see how it scores on the most important website elements. The grader will assess your site on five key issues – read on to discover what makes these issues so important that they are the 5 top reasons to update your website in 2016.

  1. Mobile-friendliness: Smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices outpaced computers as the most popular means of accessing the Internet in 2015. To stay current with this development, Google rolled out a mobile-friendly update that penalizes websites that deliver poor performance on mobile devices. Responsive web design is the perfect solution. Google loves responsive web design, and so will your customers – your website will automatically adjust to fit each device, providing a flawless user experience with easy navigation, appropriately sized viewports, and an exceptional overall user experience.
  2. Security: Identity theft, phishing sites, and data intercepts have moved website security into the spotlight this past year. Listening programs and man-in-the-middle attacks captured customer information from some of the largest corporations in 2015, making many customers concerned about entrusting any personal information to websites. Updating your website with an SSL certificate will help protect your website from attacks and give customers more confidence about doing business with you online.
  3. Speed: Page loading speed not only affects the appeal of your website, it also helps determine your site’s search rank. Google recommends that a mobile optimized site should render above-the-fold content in one second or less. If your site is loading too slowly, a web design agency can optimize your images, code, and content for speed, to get your site whizzing along with the recommended quickness.
  1. SEO: SEO (search engine optimization) helps determine your website’s search rank position. Make sure all the critical elements on your website (page titles, meta descriptions, image information, heading, XML site map, etc.) are search optimized – since trending keywords and industry terms change over time, you may need to examine and update the keywords used on your site on a yearly basis.
  2. Content: Content marketing came into its own in 2015 as an effective way to drive traffic to websites. Updating your website with new content helps Google to see it as up to date and relevant, two things that play a large role in determining how many customers will find your site in their online searches. There are a number of ways to update your website with content: linking your site to your social strategies, connecting to your LinkedIn profile, adding a blog, and incorporating videos are all great ways to start.

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