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Social Media Marketing AgencyHow to choose a social media marketing agency

Great news! After months of striving to grow your Twitter followers and boost your Facebook likes, your company has finally decided to take the plunge and hire a social media marketing agency. Now comes the not-so-great news – they’ve put you in charge of choosing the agency. A quick look on the web reveals a plethora of social media marketing agencies, all claiming they have the necessary skills to get the results you need.  How can you sort through the available social media marketing agencies and choose the right one to help your company? We’ve put together a short list of 5 essential qualities that are the hallmark of a skilled, experienced social media marketing agency – when you find an agency that has all of these qualities, you’ll know you’re on the right track. 

  1. An active social presence
    Does the agency have an established presence on several social media platforms? It’s easy for a company’s website to claim they are skilled in social marketing strategies, but are they all talk or do they “walk the walk”? A professional social media marketing agency should have an active presence on the most popular social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn. Remember to check how long the agency has had their accounts – an agency that is truly experienced in social media will have a history of an active presence on its social media accounts for several years.
  2. A portfolio of satisfied clients
    Has the agency supplied you with the names of some past or present clients for whom they have successfully managed social media marketing strategies? While certain details of their work may be confidential, the right social marketing agency will be willing to outline some of the social strategies they have formulated for companies, along with the results they were able to achieve. They should provide you with the contact information for their liaison at each company; make the effort to follow up personally with each reference so you can gain insights into what the actual experience of working with the agency will be like.
  3. Well-written, engaging content
    Look through the agency’s website, blog, and social marketing pages. A professional social media marketing agency should have skilled copywriters on staff who are experienced at creating engaging, readable content for clients. Use this checklist to see if their content is well-written:

    • Is the content free of spelling errors?
    • Are there glaring punctuation or syntax errors?
    • Is the content written in a friendly, accessible manner?
    • Is the writing clear and concise?
    • Does the author provide sources to support the assertions made in the content?
  4. Analytics to back up their claims
    Is the agency willing to provide you with analytics and reports that support their claims of marketing success? Look for an agency that uses industry standard, third-party analytics and monitoring programs such as Google Analytics to measure the success of their social strategies in addition to their own reporting metrics.
  5. A physical, “bricks and mortar” location
    In recent years, there has been a surge of social media marketing agencies that have no actual physical location, just an online presence. All communication and collaboration occurs in cyberspace, and you never get to actually meet with the marketers that you hire. All too often, these agencies rely on freelancers to perform their marketing duties rather than on full-time employees who will remain with the company. At any time, the writer whose work caused you to hire the social marketing agency could stop creating content for them, leaving you under contract to a social marketing agency with writers that have sub-par writing skills. Look for an agency in your local vicinity so you can actually meet the writers who will be responsible for producing the content for your social strategies.

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