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Google’s One Stop Shop for Nonprofits

Google’s One Stop Shop for Nonprofits Google for Nonprofits was first launched a few years ago to provide nonprofit organizations with free or discounted resources to reach donors, improve operations, and raise awareness. This year, the new Google for Nonprofits program aims to greatly increase the number of …

How To: Set Up Your Website

Websites are vital for communicating information to your customers, getting visibility for your business, and promoting products and services. Setting up your own website may seem like a challenging feat, but follow this simple step-by-step guide to launch your website with ease.

How to Build and Design an Effective Website

These days, most business owners have acknowledged the importance of having a website, realizing how legitimate online marketing has become and not wishing to miss out on any potential new business. However, many still don’t fully understand how essential it is to respect the significance of how the …

How to Build Your Email Marketing List Organically

Email marketing is highly effective for customer acquisition and retention because it produces direct, personal messages that are easily tracked and measured. So what are some ways to grow your email marketing list for you to reach a larger audience? You should be promoting email sign-ups on your …

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