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Why Law Websites Should Feature a Blog

Why Law Websites Should Feature a Blog The constant updating of websites is a key strategy for improved search engine rankings, and blogs are an effective way to provide that fresh content. And when it comes to online marketing for lawyers, law websites have a lot to gain …

How To: Research and Analyze Keywords

You understand the importance of getting your website to rank on the first page of search engine results. To get targeted traffic to your website, the first step is keyword research and analysis. Keywords are crucial to any online marketing campaign, and you will be able to find the right keywords by using the right tools. Here are some tips and guidelines for choosing keywords that will increase your search engine rankings.

Questions to Ask Before Your Website Redesign

When redesigning a website, people often seek to imitate another company’s site they admire or go straight to a design expert for help. However, those are steps that should be taken much further down the road. The first issue to address – before paying any attention to aesthetics …

How To: Set Up Your Website

Websites are vital for communicating information to your customers, getting visibility for your business, and promoting products and services. Setting up your own website may seem like a challenging feat, but follow this simple step-by-step guide to launch your website with ease.

Proving the Value of Social Media Marketing

If you’ve ever handled social media for a company, you’ve likely had to remind the client on more than one occasion that it’s worthwhile, and not just another passing trend. While there are analytics that measure things like lifetime likes, page activity and conversion, it’s still difficult to …

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