How To: Research and Analyze Keywords

You understand the importance of getting your website to rank on the first page of search engine results. To get targeted traffic to your website, the first step is keyword research and analysis. Keywords are crucial to any online marketing campaign, and you will be able to find the right keywords by using the right tools. Here are some tips and guidelines for choosing keywords that will increase your search engine rankings.

Google Warns Against Artificial Links

This year Google has become more vocal in regards to warnings against artificial or unnatural links pointing to your website. While in the past these bad links have been silently distrusted, the company is increasing its messaging via Google Webmaster Tools, sending out over 700,000 messages in January …

SEO Tip of the Day – Choosing Targeted Keywords

When choosing keywords, start local, then target as specifically as possible. Often, targeting your local demographic by incorporating local search phrases allows local searchers to naturally boost your search engine ranking.  From region to region, a variety of linguistic idiosyncracies exist. For example, soda, cola, soft drink and pop all …

SEO Tip of the Day – YouTube Marketing

When planning YouTube Marketing strategies, consider that YouTube search ranking factors include the following: Title, description, tags, keyword phrases, views, ratings, playlist additions, flagging, embeds, shares, comments, age of video, channel views, subscribers, and inbound links (for link building).