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A press release is one of the best tools for publicizing your company. When writing a press release to be distributed online, the basic steps for writing a traditional release still apply. The difference is that the electronic press release can include audiovisuals and links, and can be formatted for SEO.

The key to writing an effective press release is getting it read and published. It starts with a strong headline - it's the first thing that is seen and read. The title should be straightforward and clarify the overall point of the release. The headline should be no more than 90 characters. Keywords should be placed in the first 65 characters and when possible, try to include numbers in the headline (readers like stats). Use a deck, or subhead, to add more information.

Online readers have a short attention span. The body of the release should answer the who, what, when, why, where and how. Avoid slang, overuse of exclamation marks and excessive hype. The more professional the release reads, the more credible it will appear to the user. Make sure the press release is timely. As the saying goes, "old news is no news." Before distributing the release, be sure to proofread it. Spelling mistakes make the writing appear sloppy. Accidentally misspelling the name of your company or one of your partners could be detrimental to the business as a whole.

You also want to take into account the need for adding keywords for SEO. When dealing with search engine optimization it is best to use at least three keywords in the body text. Active hyperlinks within the body of the writing will improve the probability of your press release turning up on the front page of search engine results list. One of the URLs used should be a link referring the reader to your company website; this builds SEO and traffic. If the press release contains information about a promotional event, tease the reader with some information and then encourage them to visit your site to learn more. A web professional can assist with adding audiovisual content to your press releases and website. This specialized material makes the release more search-engine-friendly and provides the user with a rich experience when viewing the information. Whenever possible, convert keywords into anchor text, a technique that can be perfected with the help of an online press release service.

If you want to learn how Blue Interactive Agency can help your company develop and distribute press releases electronically, contact Blue or call 954.779.2801.

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