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The main goal of an e-commerce website is to sell and promote products and services, so it's essential to create an ideal user experience in order to convert visitors into consumers. When designing an e-commerce website there are certain strategies that can be utilized to help improve conversion rates. An effective e-commerce site allows visitors to easily shop, check-out, track shipping and print confirmations without leaving the website.

Best Practices for Designing an E-commerce Website
To achieve high conversion rates, an e-commerce website should provide consumers with everything they need to make a confident, informed decision. These design best practices will optimize your e-commerce website for increased conversion:

  • The less clicks, the better. Too many steps and pages can lead to abandoned shopping carts. Present the entire check-out process in as few clicks as possible to make it easy for customers to purchase your product. If the purchase takes several pages, give your customer a visual indicator of how far into the process he/she is.
  • Establish trust. Let shoppers know your site is secure by featuring security seals and credit card logos.
  • Prominently feature check-out buttons at the top and bottom of the webpage.
  • Allow consumers to save their shopping cart or add products to a wish list for a future purchase.
  • Give shoppers the ability to remove or update the number of items on the check-out page. Otherwise, having to hit the back button or start over is a sure way to lose customers.
  • Provide links to information customers will need, such as the return policy, privacy policy, FAQs and shipping details; place this information within view of the check-out page.
  • After the purchase, provide a confirmation page with an order number for the customer to refer to. This page should be easy to print out, so consider presenting it as a PDF file that's automatically available. Providing confirmation every step of the way will give the customer confidence in your e-commerce website and increase the likelihood of entering the buying cycle again.

A solid e-commerce platform is the foundation of any online business. These check-out page strategies can help improve conversion rates and increase the company's bottom line. An effective method to test strategies and design techniques of your e-commerce website is through A/B split testing. Split testing can identify the best promotional strategies for your company, right down to details like the location to place a call-to-action or the best color button to use.

Blue Interactive Agency provides professional e-commerce design solutions for businesses of all types. Our goal is to provide companies with all the necessary web design services to create a secure online shopping experience. We utilize the latest technologies to offer professional custom design, credit card payment solutions, interactive check-out pages, custom functionality and much more. Our e-commerce sites are easy to use for customers and easy to manage for website owners.

Visit our Portfolio to view our custom designs and layouts. For more information on e-commerce websites, see E-commerce Website Development.

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