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Social media advertising is becoming an increasingly popular method to reach target audiences. Ad revenue for Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and LinkedIn continues to grow as more businesses are advertising on social media platforms. Inexpensive compared to pay-per-click ads like Google Adwords, social media ads offer many targeting options to reach specific audiences.

How to Advertise on Facebook
Facebook Ads are similar to Google Adwords in that they are both based on a bid system, making the ads easy to set up and maintain. Facebook offers "Sponsored Stories" in addition to its regular ads. Sponsored Stories are status updates that appear in the news feed content of Facebook. When people "Like" your page, their friends see a story about it. This method of social media advertising engages your target audience through a more personal experience. To create a Sponsored Story, first log in to your Facebook profile and click on the "Ads Manager" link on the home page. Choose the organization you wish to promote and select the "Stories" option.

Next, choose your audience by selecting the location, age and gender you want to target. You may enter precise interests you think would be relevant for your company's industry, or there are broad categories to choose from that narrow down your niche to every type of demographic. Lastly, you will set your daily or lifetime campaign budget, schedule the ad and place your order for the Sponsored Story.

Facebook Ads appear in the advertising section of a page. To set-up a Facebook Ad, follow the same steps you did for Sponsored Stories. In addition, you will provide your own ad copy. The headline of your ad should be no more than 16 characters in length and the body should be limited to 90 characters. You may upload an image that will be sized down to 72 x 100 pixels. Choose where you want people to land when they click on your ad - whether it's your company's timeline or photos. Finally, choose your audience and campaign budget just as you would for Sponsored Stories.

When it comes to pricing, Facebook lets you choose between Cost Per Impressions (CPM) or Cost Per Click (CPC). The better choice for your company depends on what type of campaign you are running. For a campaign focused on branding, the CPM option tends to be less expensive because it centers on creating impressions. If you're running a campaign focused on conversion, such as visiting a page or Liking, then the CPC option would be the best fit.

How to Advertise on LinkedIn
Creating an ad on LinkedIn is easy. After you've signed on to your account, click on "LinkedIn Advertising." Here you will assign your ad campaign name and destination. Your headline, or ad title, can be up to 25 characters long and the body 75 characters; you will also be able to add a 50 x 50 pixel icon. When it comes to targeting your audience, LinkedIn gives options for location, company, job title, school, skills, group, gender and age to hone your niche.

LinkedIn sets a minimum CPC requirement for each ad starting at $2. The minimum daily budget requirement is $10, or $300 per month. LinkedIn provides a suggested CPC range, which is a great recommendation to follow, though these vary widely based on the targeted settings.

Split Testing
The fool-proof method to successful social media advertising is to test different designs using multiple variable split testing. Split testing, or A/B testing, means changing one variable at a time in your ad to determine which ads deliver the greatest ROI. Some best practices for split testing include:

  • Change just one variable at a time, whether it's the ad's title, copy or picture
  • Run test ads under the same conditions - as in the same time of day, for the same amount of time and using the same bid prices
  • Create an entirely new ad for every test, rather than tweaking an existing ad

By using this method to test social media ads across various platforms you will be able to determine the design and practice that fulfills your campaign goals. Blue Interactive Agency's team of graphic designers can create ads that fit your company branding and logo, while testing multiple variables to create ads that deliver maximum ROI.

For more information on social media ads, see Social Media Marketing and Social Media Applications.

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