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Advertising with video ads is a cost-effective way to strengthen consumer loyalty and reach potential new customers. Whether you are a small company or large one, using sites like Vimeo, DailyMotion and YouTube as a marketing tool can increase revenues and create more customer loyalty.

Just like Twitter and Facebook, YouTube is a great avenue to interact with your customer base. Some companies have integrated interactive campaigns to answer customer's questions and provide comments. You can also use YouTube to demonstrate a new product and showcase your services or product line.

YouTube's "TrueView" ad program gives users control over which ads they want to see and when. You pay only when a viewer watches your ad. This ad progam has four formats, so you can choose how to promote your video. When people search for video, browse content or when they watch videos, "In-Search" lets you target your ad by choosing the search terms you want your ad to appear next to on YouTube or the Google video search results page. When a viewer clicks your ad, they will go to your video page, or channel. There, they can watch more videos and subscribe to your channel at no cost to you. You can also use a free call-to-action overlay on your video to direct traffic to your website or social network.

"In-Display" ads show up alongside suggested videos on YouTube or websites across the Google Display network. They work just like In-Search ads and viewers by default are taken to your channel to watch your video. "In-Stream" ads play before a viewer's video and after 5 seconds gives the viewer the option to skip the ad or continue to their regular programming. If they skip the ad, you are not charged for the view. "In-Slate" ads appear before videos on YouTube that are more than 10 minutes long. Viewers can choose to watch one of three ads before their video begins, then watch it without further breaks, or they can simply watch their programming with commercial breaks. It's easy to create and manage TrueView campaigns because Google AdWords for video has all the tools you need.

Vimeo attracts 65 million unique visitors monthly and has more than 8 million registered users. Like YouTube, this is a video-sharing site where users can upload, share and view video. Many entertainers use Vimeo to host content; even the White House uses the site to post its broadcasts. Though the guidelines for this site state it is not for commercial use, thinking outside the box can allow you to create some forward-thinking campaigns - for example, sponsoring a contest for consumers to submit ideas for a new commercial or the name of a new product line.

With 26 million registered users and more than 114 million visitors per month, DailyMotion gives advertisers the means to spread their message via numerous formats, content channels and operations. Ad products include display, in-stream, event oriented, sponsored and rich media. The company's "Toaster" ads give advertisers the ability to inject an animated flash mini-commercial overly into its library of professional videos, similar to the pop-up advertisements on YouTube's player. The "Home Theater" ads is linked to the advertiser's website and the "Companion" logo ad creates a 3-D logo that appears in the left corner for 10 seconds at the beginning of the video. Clicks to the logo will open in a new window, or they can be ignored.

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