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You have taken the leap. You have gone ahead and created a website for your business. It is slick and informative in an intriguing way. You even had a clever logo created to personify your company and what it stands for. But for some reason you aren't getting traffic. When you do a Google search you aren't at the top of the list, you aren't even on the first page. Your problem lies within video and SEO (search engine optimization).

Video SEO services are techniques specified to make sure that Google knows your content exists, can find your video content and will display your content when specific keywords are entered as search terms. If the website does not have video content, then that is your first step.

When Google launched "Universal Search for Google," videos became the top result of most searches. Therefore, adding a video to your site will improve your search engine results. Research has shown that websites with videos were 53 times more likely than traditional web pages to receive a first-page ranking on a Google search list. Since Google owns YouTube, uploading your company's video to YouTube will guarantee that you are indexed in Google's search engine. Whether it is an actual video, a slide show or an animated PowerPoint, Internet video marketing is a must.

Once you have a video, optimize it. There are a few ways to acquire video optimization. One is to avoid Flash. Google can't read Flash very well, so if your video is in .flv format it probably won't get picked up. For the best results, submit your video through Google's "Webmaster Tools" using a video site map. Digital agencies like Blue Interactive Agency can assist you in this process.

Another way to improve your search result status is to optimize with keywords. Make sure that you use keywords for your company and video in the file name, title, tags, descriptions and link text. In addition, give your video a specific title. A video titled Restaurant is unlikely to result in a first page ranking, where as a video entitled Delicious Cuban Restaurant in Fort Lauderdale will score better in a search engine algorithm. It is also important to implement a linking strategy. This can be done by tweeting the video, linking the video in blog posts and linking the video from social media pages. The more places your video link shows up, the more likely it is that the Google search engine will recognize and post your video and website where the video is parked.

While your video can be useful and fun to watch, remember that it is only a gateway to the website that you have created. Optimizing your video's search results also optimizes your website's search results. Make sure you company's brand is visible at the beginning and end of your video. Doing so not only improves brand recognition, it also improves brand loyalty. Once the viewer is interested, the more likely he/she will explore your website.

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