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Creating a video for your small business website is a superb and cost efficient way of driving more traffic to your site, gaining exposure, and gathering clientele. With the addition of videos to most search engine result lists, websites with a video are at the top of the page when a search is conducted. This attracts new consumers while simultaneously creating a sensational experience for the user and encouraging them to spend more time on the website. Having a video on your website is like having a 24 hour salesperson to explain and draw focus to the highlights of your business. It is for these reasons that business video production has become a popular avenue when it comes to Internet based advertising.

The first step in the online video production process is to come up with a concept. What do you want the video to convey about your business? Who is your audience? Why do they need to see your video now? It is important that your video represent your brand accurately as it will be one of the first pieces your consumer encounter on your site. The video should include your brand logo and/ or motto at the beginning as well as the end of the video, reminding your viewer why they are watching and who brought them this entertaining piece. Writing a script and putting together a storyboard before production starts will assure that your message has clarity and stays consist with your company's intended image.

An added benefit of pre-production, planning before you shoot, is that it will significantly cut down on cost. A storyboard is like a series of comic book panels detailing which each shot of the video consists of. The cost of using up a few pieces of paper and some ink from a pen is relatively nil in comparison to getting on set and realizing that the image or concept originally conceived is simply not translating well in front of the camera. Writing out the script and storyboarding is a great way of testing out ideas and figuring out what works, before there is a crew and location that need to be paid for. In addition to the money-saving process of preproduction, feature film quality cameras, lighting and sound equipment can now be purchased or rented at a fraction of the cost.

When it comes to commercial online video production, the video itself should be simpler and more condensed than typical television broadcasts for editorial as well as technical reasons. Most videos online are being viewed from a laptop, tablet, or mobile devices. For this reason, complex backgrounds and speedy movements can become distracting and disorienting and should be avoided. Calm steady movements, simple set dressings, and slick clean lighting should be applied in web video production. People tend to prefer watching a video than reading a long description of a product. Anything too jarring and complex may turn the viewer off. Your goal is to create an informative and intriguing audiovisual experience for your viewer.

Google, Yahoo, Bing, as well as others have made video a prominent factor in recognizing and posting a website in the top tier of search results. The addition of a video to your professional website can create a more pleasing and exciting environment for your consumer and invite new business. Video production in Miami is a growing circumstance and there are top digital agencies, like Blue Interactive, that are able and willing to lend a helping hand. Having the assistance of a digital marketing company makes the process of video production simpler and leads to a effective end product. To contact Blue for further information and get started today feel free to visit them at Blue Interactive Agency or give them a call at 954.779.2801

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