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When every question we have can be answered by simply typing a few key words into a web browser, the importance of web presence for your company becomes imperative. Having your business represented on the web greatly increases your chances of being noticed the next time someone wonders, "Where should we go to dinner?" or "Where is a great barbershop in my neighborhood?"

Once you have a website there are certain things that can be done in order to gain digital foot traffic. One such approach is to add a video. Videos provide a dynamic and intriguing experience for users. Your video can reveal a bit about your company history, inform consumers of promotional events or demonstrate how your product can be useful to the viewer's lifestyle. In addition, videos can convey more information to the user than text can.

Furthermore, search engines, in particular Google, now offer videos as part of the search results. These videos appear first on the page of a list of results and can drive traffic to your website. Google receives approximately 173 million unique visitors every month, all potential customers for you.

The first step in creating an efficient online video is coming up with a concept and writing the script. Video script writing is its own particular genre. A YouTube script should catch the viewer's attention immediately. Once you've gained the interest, there is a simple formula for the main message of your video: state, explain and example. State your company's slogan or main focus, explain what this mission statement means and demonstrate what steps your company makes to ensure that the customer receives the product they are promised. Remember to visually showcase the brand name or logo at the beginning and end of the video to reinforce brand loyalty.

Another YouTube video script is the PHP YouTube Video Script, which pulls video directly from YouTube to your website. The benefit of this type of script is that it uses very little bandwidth (quick loading time and little lag) and requires very little maintenance.

If you are interested in having a professional video produced, Blue Interactive Agency can assist you with the process, from concept to upload. Call Blue at 954.779.2801.


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