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Style Frames and Storyboarding

Once you have come up with a concept for the video, the next step is creating the storyboard. Making a storyboard ensures that your message comes across clearly and that you know how to execute the production process efficiently.

Storyboards are graphic organizers in the form of illustrations displayed in sequence for the purpose of visualizing a sequence for a video, movie or interactive media. Much like a comic book, each panel should demonstrate how many characters are in the shot, if they are saying anything and where the camera is positioned for the shot. Creating a storyboard before can save time and money because it forces you to think through all the logistics of your project.

While any flashy video may add visual complexity to your website, having a video that represents your company and what you provide is a safer direction to go. The audiovisual piece you create for your website should be informative and embody what your business is about. The tone of the piece should be congruent with the rest of your site, and the characters within the video should vocalize your company's theme and message. Having a clearly outlined storyboard will give your production team an overall picture of what the piece is about and a better understanding of what is expected from them.

Having the story mapped also cuts down on production time and cost. The production crew knows how many shots are needed, what the set-up is for each shot and an estimate of how long each shot will take.

If you are interested in having a professional video produced, Blue Interactive Agency can assist you with the process, from concept to upload. Call Blue at 954.779.2801.


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