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Benefits of WordPress
When it comes to designing a blog that is visually appealing, easy to edit and affordable, WordPress is the highly successful blogging platform that meets all those needs. WordPress is a free and open source blogging tool and popular content management system (CMS). In fact, more than 14.7 percent of Alexa Internet's Top 1 Million most-visited websites use WordPress, making it the most prevalent CMS on the web.

One of the reasons WordPress is so popular is that it is easy to design. WordPress features a template system and thousands of theme choices that change the look and functionality of any website. Anyone can edit pages - no coding knowledge is necessary because the platform does the coding for you.

WordPress features an extensive database of thousands of plug-ins for developers to add functions ranging from analytics to SEO improvement. WordPress widgets allow developers to build small modules for added functionality. Widgets can be installed to create Facebook "Like" boxes, Twitter feeds, slideshows and more.

WordPress is SEO-friendly because it supports multiple categories of articles, the tagging of posts with keywords and internal linking abilities. Through the content management system, users have easy control over all publishing, comments and updates.

Tips for Designing an Effective WordPress Blog
When setting up your WordPress blog, keep in mind that navigation is part of the design. Readers will respond to a site that is both easy to navigate and aesthetically pleasing.

For a cohesive look, consider adding a border around the blog entries. Here are more tips for improving the design the of your WordPress blog:

  • Include social sharing. Make it easy for readers to share your blog with their friends via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Digg and StumbleUpon with social sharing widgets. These widgets create small, unobtrusive buttons on your site for readers to share in just one click. Some popular WordPress widgets are
    • Social Linkz.
      This plug-in adds social links such as Twitter or Facebook to every blog post
    • Tilt Social Share Widget.
      Activate sharing services for up to 22 different social media platforms on this simple widget
    • Social Share.
      Easily include social share buttons in three different positions: above the post, below the post, or both
    • TweetFader.
      This plug-in allows you to show your latest tweets on your WordPress website

These widgets and thousands more are available at

  • Use plenty of white space. When it comes to your blog design, simplicity is key to give your readers breathing room. Avoid filling every possible space with banners or other content.
  • Keep in mind that people generally read from left to right and from top to bottom, so think about where you want to place your most important information.
  • Take advantage of different fonts. Use large, easy-to-read fonts and make use of bold and italic to break up the page.
  • Include interesting images. To engage visitors, be sure to publish images in every blog post. You may want to look through iStockPhotos or take your own photography, so long as your images make sense with the content on the page.

A well-designed WordPress blog can help your company increase its online visibility and engage audiences as you promote your brand. Blue Interactive Agency designs, manages and produces content for WordPress websites with plug-ins, widgets and custom images to help your company reach its marketing goals.

For more information on blog design, see our Portfolio of Blogs. If you are interested in learning more about a custom blog design with proper strategy and content creation run by Blue Interactive, or how we can help design a strategy for your internal team, call 954.779.2801. Blue Interactive offers custom design for landing pages, websites, email campaigns, Facebook Fan Pages and much more.

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