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YouTube Channel Design

YouTube's channel design and layout makes it easy for viewers to find videos they want to watch, while allowing channel creators to effectively organize and display content.

YouTube Channel Features:

  • A streamlined and consistent design
  • Flexible layouts to highlight content
  • An easier way to find and view videos
  • A method to keep the audience engaged, even when there are no new uploads

YouTube Channel Tabs
YouTube's header bar is broken into tabs. You may choose which tab you want users to see first by selecting the "Default" tab in the scroll down bar. Users will be directed to the "Featured," "Feed" or "Videos" tab.

The "Featured" tab is an optional tab that offers four layout designs to choose from, each with a different type of user in mind:

  1. The Creator design consists of one main video with a group of featured playlists below
  2. Blogger features evenly spaced out blocks showing a featured playlist or recent activity in reverse chronological order
  3. The Network layout shows content in blocks, which is ideal for a company with many channels to display
  4. The Everything option is a combination of the first three designs to give channel creators maximum flexibility

Once you've chosen your layout, you can change the appearance of your channel by clicking the "Edit Channel" button on the top right corner of the page. You may add an avatar, change the background color or upload a new picture as the background image. We recommend choosing a color that matches or fades into your background image. Also, be sure to test how your image looks on computer screens of different sizes. Upload videos to the "Featured" tab by clicking "Add a Featured Video." This will open up a widget with options for whether you want your video to automatically play when the channel loads. Lastly, visit "Info and Settings" to change your channel title or to add tags.

To go public, click on "Make My Channel Visible on YouTube."

The "Feed" tab shows your channel's recent activity, including comments, channels subscribed to, videos liked and playlists created. The "About" section on the right is a good place to add a brief description about the company; be sure to include links to other social media accounts, websites and/or blogs. You can connect your company's Facebook, Twitter and Google+ accounts to create large clickable buttons here. This feature helps to further promote brands because visitors will be able to read your blog, check out your website or follow your Twitter in one easy-to-find location.

The "Videos" tab allows users to quickly find any uploaded video. The useful channel search bar is available for all tabs of the page.

Once you have organized your tabs, your YouTube channel is ready to go. The YouTube channel design allows you to organize content and customize the appearance of your page for an improved user experience.

For more information about YouTube, visit YouTube Marketing and Video Marketing.

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