The Power of Social Media for Lawyers

While law firms have traditionally shied away from new media technologies, social media has become a powerful marketing tool for attorneys to network with other industry professionals and to gain new clients. Social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook allow lawyers to widen their professional networks and to share relevant information. Particularly with Twitter, attorneys can disseminate best practices and articles on a specific topic – thus branding themselves as subject matter experts.

Used correctly, social media is an effective – and free – method to market you law practice. Here are just a few law firm marketing strategies.

  1. Keep in mind that you are not necessarily targeting your Twitter followers or Facebook fans to pick up the phone and become your next client. When using social media for law firms, you are more likely to gain new clients from referrals from your professional network. Use social as just that – a place to develop relationships with other leaders in your practice and relevant industries so that when they know a person in need of legal help, they refer you.
  2. It is critical for lawyers to differentiate shared information in social media updates from actual legal advice. Be sure to use a disclaimer on your Twitter profile that reads along the lines of “The thoughts and information shared here do not constitute legal advice.”
  3. Get out there and engage in conversations with your online community! Twitter is the ideal platform for connecting with people on a personal level and growing your online following.

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